Sitting in for Dr Jeff who is appearing on NBC's DATELINE is Dr Bart Rossi,political psychologist whom you have seen on FOX news and MSNBC.

Dwight and Bart talk about Benghazi  and welcome Dr Ashley Harrell as they explore the genocide of black children through abortion,
Thursday, 09 May 2013 14:20

The Business of Aging with Lori Biter

Lori Biter welcomes Michele Alhmanfrom Clear Sounds and discusses the personal approach to marketing to people over 50. Joining Lori is Christine Crosby of GRAND MAGAZINE Radio to talk about the Big GRAND multigenerational expo to be held in Orlando in November 2013.

Grower Lawrence Ringo joins the show.Humboldt Seed Collective

Commander Z talks straight talk with Kieran Michael Lalor, an Independent Republican Reformer from New York

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0-1Jack Blades from the classic 80’s Rock Band “Night Ranger” Jack Blades discusses his 2008 visit to Guantanamo Bay, his support for our military, and what it’s like to work with Ted Nugent. "Officer's Oath" is a story about courage abd integrity, LTC Terry Lakin and Marco Ciavolino sit down to talk about the end result of standing up to the Obama administration. In addition, Eric Granof is the Managing Director of ExpertBail Network; this week he told us how millions of taxpayer dollars are being wasted on the public bail release program. Of course we also had all the latest political news on this week’s Don Smith Show.

Conditioned Bahavior as told by a man, Army Maguire, who has trained everything from elephants to gold fish.

img book supermind coverDiscovering and unfolding the human spirt with Dr Pressman this GRAND Magazine Raido Show is one you won't want to miss!

Dr Allan Frankel on the science, chemistry and hope of Medical Cannabis0-2

Thursday, 02 May 2013 08:49

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