Saturday, 16 January 2021 11:33

Dr. Samantha Case, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Case a Clinical Psychologist wanting to talk about Therapy and Fitness. She have extensive experience working with Veterans and has some pointers in finding a Therapist that works for you!

 IG: @samantha_rawperformance @csrtpsychotherapy


Gym website

Saturday, 16 January 2021 11:25

At Least Now We Know The Snowmen Are Real

The gang discusses why UFOs would need lights. Security chief Willy Clubb reads the show’s latest fan mail. Raven reports on the chilling Dyatlov Pass Incident & whether UFOs were involved. Switch is challenged to eat an entire box of Frosted Flakes in one sitting.

Sunday, 10 January 2021 21:26

Rick Voight For Vivid-Pix

Rick is hear to talk about Vivid-Pix, a company focused on developing easy-to-use software that helps you RESTORE – RELIVE – SHARE your underwater, on land, old and new pictures.


Frank Is Back to talk all thing Health and Politics in the new year. Frank Vernuccio serves as editor-in-chief of the New York Analysis of Policy & Government
Saturday, 09 January 2021 15:50

Here we go! 2021 its on!

Saturday, 09 January 2021 15:46


It’s all about Commander Cobra in a special show, including 20 questions the gang has always wanted to ask CC, why comedian Robin Williams was a dick, how many Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders can you fit inside a helicopter and how not to vomit while airborne. Also, a heated debate on whether Popeye was in the US Navy or the Coast Guard, Plus Switch explains how he had rum for breakfast & then suddenly shaved off his beard.

Saturday, 09 January 2021 15:44

My Favorite Aunt Was in the Gestapo

The gang talks to Dr. Bruce Solheim about his relative’s involvement with Hitler’s despised secret police. Author Matthew Roberts on his new paranormal-themed book, “Initiated.” Army war vet & paranormal podcast host Jessie Kwasney on his unusual combat experiences in Iraq. Also, Top Ten Weird Warships, a discussion on why the British Navy would name one of its ships, the HMS Pansy, and what U.S. military service has the worst food. Special guest: Empath Valerie Lofaso.

Wednesday, 23 December 2020 15:14


Passionate about her work, KENYATTA’S sharp wit, cool demeanor and smart fashion choices invite fans and followers across the globe as she ignites the desire in others to connect to their pasts in order to find out who we really are. KENYATTA’S TV Host job on Genealogy Roadshow (PBS) (which received over 1.5 million viewers per episode) is generating enormous buzz surrounding her insight, understanding and expertise by colleagues, genealogy organizations, experts, media and supporters alike. Her Book, FAMILY TREE TOOLKIT helps people create a family tree after they get a DNA Genealogy test.

Wednesday, 23 December 2020 15:09

Narina beauty gives back to women facing cancer

When women and teens go through cancer treatments the challenges are many. Not the least of which is their perceived loss of beauty after loosing their hair, eyebrows and more. A cutting edge beauty company makes this easier by providing tutorials and the gift of high end makeup. Today we talk to Narina and Aram of

Wednesday, 23 December 2020 14:53

Late Night Health 12/20/2020

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