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Vincent Vargas is a writer and actor, known for Range 15, The Long Way Back (2016), John Came Home and Dads in Parks (2016), and the Drinking Bros Podcast.

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Quick Rant (Talk to your kids)

There was once a man who wanted to change the world.
After much time, when he couldn’t, he decided he wanted to change his nation.
After more time passed and nothing changed, he decided to change his village.
More time passed and no change was made, so he decided to change his family.
When he couldn’t change his family, he decided to change himself, only realizing too late that if he had done that first, he would have:
Changed his family, which would
Influence his village to change and in turn would
Inspire his nation to change and in doing so would
Become the beacon of change the world would follow.

- Unknown Chinese Monk

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Sean Whalen in the House!

We had no plans for what we were going to talk about, but here you are. A dope conversation with Sean that will make you think!

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Adam Allsworth from Star Spangled Supps talks about CBD

Adam answers a ton of questions I have about CBD! PROMO CODE: VINNYROC

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Banks in the house again!

My boy Banks in the house to talk shop about LIFE!

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Pastor Rick Henderson on the Podcast

Pastor Rick answers some hard questions for those of us who questions faith. I needed to get some hard answers for the questions my kids ask me! This is a fun one!

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Big Trav in the house to talk MMA!

Quick updates on some MMA action! CHECK IT OUT!

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VetXpo Speech about the importance of balance!

Check it out! This is my Vetxpo Speech on the importance of balance in my life. Maybe some of you can relate maybe some of you can't. Either was enjoy! Link to book! Light the Fuse

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Scott Chapman- Independent Solar Researcher focused on Super Grand Solar Minimum

This is seriously heavy topic, the goal for Scott is not to cause mass hysteria but to inform and to hopefully find someone who can prove him wrong. Scott Chapman is an Independent Solar Researcher. Check it out! Below are some of his contacts for further questions.

 Here are a few links to the things we spoke about.

 Correction: I said a week's worth of rain in 10 days. I meant to say 3 years worth of rain in 7 days in Australia.
500,000 cattle die in Queensland, Australia. 3 years worth of rain in 7 days.
Professor Vaentina Zharkova's lecture where she explains this is a Super Grand Solar Minimum
1970's Ice Age scare
Year without a summer
Wisconsin snow record broken
Twitter: @CharlesScottGSM
Facebook: @SuperGSMinfo
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Sean O'Connell on the MIC!

If you don't know who he is you need to! A well recognized MMA fighter and Radio host!

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