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Vincent Vargas is a writer and actor, known for Range 15, The Long Way Back (2016), John Came Home and Dads in Parks (2016), and the Drinking Bros Podcast.

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Mike Beltran: The Ultimate Referee

Mike Beltran is one of the most popular referees in the world of mixed martial arts today. During the early days of his career, Beltran competed in professional MMA fights, however, the 47-year-old later decided to switch to refereeing.

Beltran is best known for his symbolic mustache which stretches up to just above his waist. He has been a referee in several major UFC fights, including the high-profile bout between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson. Also known for his role on Mayans MC.

Mike's Socials:

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Vince Papale: Invincible

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Many of you have likely seen the movie with Mark Wahlberg, now meet the man that movie was based on. Vince Papale is a living legend and advocate.  Re-inventing himself from a 30 year schoolteacher, who did not play football in college, to an NFL star, Vince Papale defied the million to one odds against him. Not only did he make the team but he was voted by his teammates Captain of the Special Teams and most recently was selected by the fans as the best Special Teamer in the Eagles 75 year history.

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Gary the BBQ Chef: Tik Tok Grill master

Gary is a New England drinking chef with a BBQ problem. He is turning cooking on its head, one beard at a time. He's well known and rising to fame on Tik Tok with over 750K followers at time of recording. Come check out 




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Ken Dixon: Cryptocurrency Analyst, IT Operator, Veteran

Ken Dixon is an 8 year Army Veteran currently in IT operations and working through higher education as a cryptocurrency analyst.

He has nearly two decades of IT experience ranging from a customer service pro for Verizon to a Systems Engineer for Crosslin Technologies. Currently working for Mars U.

Ken hails from Nashville, TN.

Social Media:   Linkedin: 

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J.J. Soria: Actor

Joseph Julian Soria is an Hispanic-American actor best known for his role as Private First Class Hector Cruz in the Lifetime series Army Wives and Pete Ramos in The Oath. He is more recently known starring in the Netflix series Gente-fied.

He makes a point of spreading good vibes both on and off screen. Tweeting about people he meets throughout his career, even years after a project.

When not in front of a camera, he's busy on the mat. Kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and other styles of ring and mat work keep him busy when he's not filming.

IG: jjsoria  Twitter: jjsoria  Facebook: jjsoria08 

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Dr. Samantha Case, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Case a Clinical Psychologist wanting to talk about Therapy and Fitness. She have extensive experience working with Veterans and has some pointers in finding a Therapist that works for you!

 IG: @samantha_rawperformance @csrtpsychotherapy


Gym website

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Mike Glover CEO of Field Craft Survival

Mike Glover is a highly sought out individual for his military experience and more now for his survival mindset and training. Please do yourself a favor and check him out! 

Locals:  Website:  IG:  @Mike.A.Glover

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Ghosts of the Valley

Sean Tobiaz Ambriz author of "Ghosts of the Valley". Sean is a stud and an amazing person. check out this podcast and get motivated.

 Link for the book!

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Brotherhood of the Fatherhood

A podcast about family and life. Check this podcast out and also check out my boys at Brotherhood of the Fatherhood.
 Facebook Group: Brotherhood of Fatherhood: brotherhoodoffatherhood
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