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The Veterans Take Charge Radio Show is dedicated to bringing our country’s warfighters, past, present, and future to you.  We share strong stories and tell hard truths while exploring local, national, and international issues that affect our military and civilian families.  Two US Army Veterans, a Ranger and a Medic #TakeChargeNow  and navigate Battlefield America for two hours in this high speed, low drag radio broadcast show. 

Justin Baker deployed twice to Afghanistan with the 75th Rangers and Dave Ramos deployed twice to Iraq with the 520th Area Support Medical Company.

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Jennifer Marie Long USA

Such a great display of collaboration and encouragement!  We opened the show with some quick #HuntTheGoodStuff talk with Greg Amundson, Josh Mantz, Dean Kaufman, his mother-in-law, and Chris Di Maio.  This week, we were stoked to talk with former US Army SGM Jennifer Marie Long.  She started her military career as a man, thrived in the infantry, and retired 30 years later as a woman.  We had a great conversation talking about her military career, the training and experience she gained working with foreign militaries, her actions in combat in Afghanistan while she was undergoing hormone therapy, and the importance of character quality.  Jennifer shared her story of transition during the military, something she had wrestled with for the majority of her life.  She went through significant internal turmoil before making the decision to start hormone therapy and transition and was very open with us in sharing her story.  Hear it here!

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Heather Dopson USAF

Rocking and Rolling!  We are not here to enable dysfunction, much the opposite!  We are dissecting problematic themes, trying to understand the core issues, and offer solution oriented discussions.  This week we talk about VA fraud and poverty, amidst national media's thematic verbal diarrhea, with the intention of advocating for CONSISTENCY and integrity.  Freaking aye...  The second hour was full of strong enrichment from US Air Force veteran and International Keynote Speaker Heather Dopson!  She is a prime example of #TakeChargeNow with her work within the veteran community, and more prominently with GoDaddy.  Heather is a hard charger and has been making strong waves in providing mentorship and training for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and marketing enthusiasts.  You do not want to miss this.

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Aaron Phillips USMC

Lets talk!  There are huge interviews on the horizon and we're setting the stage with some conversational groundwork.  We opened the show with a quick recap and a phone call with the Legion Riders and jumped right into issues regarding foreign born recruits, transgender troops, and sexual assault.  These topics brought some strong talk between us and our audience.  In the next hour, we spoke with Marine Corps Veteran Aaron Phillips of the Warrior Connection about providing health and wellness through rehabilitative modalities and retreats for veterans and their families.  We had a great talk with Aaron and gained a lot of insight as to how and why the Warrior Connection is so effective!

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Our in-studio guest is a dynamo knockout, everything from his optimism, fluid vernacular, work ethic, discipline, all the way down to the way he came dressed!  Maddox Haberdasher is on point and moving forward and it was our pleasure to have him in studio with us for the full two hours.  We spoke with Maddox about the idea of adventure provided by the military, the realities of how that adventure turned to war post 9/11, the type of person his 11 year service built him into, and how all of that has helped developed him into the successful and hungry man he is today.  Maddox is doing a LOT of work in our area for all of the right reasons, and he is showing no signs of slowing down.  I haven't heard Baker laugh this much in a long time, THIS was a great #HuntTheGoodStuff show!

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Maddox and Palmer

 Maddox and Palmer were in studio with us to continue our conversation regarding the Police, individual liberties, democracy, North Korea, and the American Dream.  Our special guest hosts are highly motivated for positive change and our roundtable touched on a lot of good content.  We had callers lined up for most of the show, waiting for their chance to contribute, and when they did, more thought provoking bullets were fired down range.  Where do we go from here?  We have more than enough for us, why don't we contribute more to those in need?  What will it take for our country to take shape the way we want it to?  Listen in and find out!

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This week was a lot of laughs and a damn good time with former Army MP Frank Keffer.  Frank spent 14 years in the military as an animal handler, has been around the world, and is the Vice-President of Operation Care and Comfort (  We talked about his military family, law enforcement duties in garrison, on deployment, in the military, and in his civilian life, and Operation Care and Comfort.  This is full of #HuntTheGoodStuff content!  We were joined by USMC Veteran Travis DeYoung.  Travis is working on a bunch of projects, most notably the Journey for Change hike and the Veteran Memorial Building first Friday Event.  Strong work all the way around! 

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We will never forget. We will always remember.

We will never forget.  We will always remember.  It is always a pleasure and an honor to have John Preston in studio, this time with his lead guitarist and USMC veteran Shane Roberts.  These two are changing the world and saving lives along the way and we had a damn good time talking about it.  John recently had a pre-release for his latest single "Before I Am Gone", which we opened the show with, and a whole slew of forward movement, not only in the music world, but in the veteran community and around the globe. 


We talked some strong truth about their mission, where it came from, and where they're going.  John and Shane are on a very important path and accomplishing tremendous things along the way.  During the show we talked with the Legion Riders Crash, Pops, and Phinn about their Epic Ride and upcoming stop at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Mikhail Venikov of Ranger Road about his upcoming Surfing Event in Santa Cruz. 


We rounded the show out with a true national hero, Joe Torrillo.  Joe spent 25 years working as a New York City Fire Fighter and was working with Fischer Price to unveil their new Rescue Hero "Billy Blaze" on September 11, 2001.  The day unfolded for Joe like many other... unexpectedly.  Joe answered the call (proving many points we talked about earlier in the show) and rendered aid and assistance as the World Trade Center North Tower pancaked and buried him.  After being extricated, the South tower fell and buried him again.  His story is unbelievable!  You don't want to miss this.  #TakeChargeNow


Proud and Steadfast, 

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Carmelo Rodriguez - Is there hope for democracy? Recently that question was asked and we give our input.  Ultimately, its up to the American citizen to decide if hope for democracy is thriving or dying.  We talked about women in the infantry (Proud and Steadfast!!) and media spin in relation to the health of our country.  We brought former Army Scout SSG Carmelo Rodrigues of VetDocSeries and back on the program to talk about a very serious concern that has effected over 4,200 veterans since 2011.  Carmelo was erroneously declared dead by the VA and has been fighting to clear his name and life. His website is now dedicated to shedding light on this life altering situation in effort to help other veterans navigate a confusing, frustrating, and seemingly helpless problem.  Luck for us and for you, Carmelo has an upbeat and hopeful outlook on the situation due to his effort and the support he has found.

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Back from Suspension

 This.  THIS was the best way to come back from a suspension.  Our conversation got INTENSE in the second hour with a damn good phone call.  We brought the show back with Paul Damon of Holistic Veterans and opened up with some upcoming events and the reason we got suspended in the first place.  Paul helped us navigate the current situation regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline and the militaristic force policing peaceful protestors and this opened up a slew of phone calls.  We have some highly intelligent listeners and callers and they brought some damn good information.  A call in the second hour brought some heat  and fired us up with regard to the spirit of our conversation.  Bottom line up front, we love this country.  We have served this country and continue to do so, we have put our lives on the line and are fighting the good fight.  We talk about the problems of this country in effort to expose the fallacies throughout with intentions to correct the wrongs.  We fight for what's right.  And we will continue to do so.  Proud and Steadfast.

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Vets for Peace

Veterans For Peace came in to the studio to talk about their upcoming movie screening for "Do Not Resist: An Urgent and Powerful Exploration of the Rapid Militarization of the Police in the Unites States" on April 30th starting at 1100. This event will also include open conversations with former Seattle Police of Chief and other special guests. The conversations in this broadcast were excellent, provocative, and demanded attention. Our guests were on point and passionate about the current policies and militarization of local Law Enforcement. Our discussions brought fantastic phone calls from our veteran network and as always, they brought the heat.

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Wayne Wilson Marine Corps Veteran

Wayne Wilson is in studio with us from the Warfighter Academy in Southern California. Wayne talked with us about his drive to join the military, his time as an Infantry Marine and where he traveled to, transition into civilian life, and what led him to being an instructor at the Warfighter Academy. We learned a lot more about the academy, its curriculum and principles, as well as the importance of Force on Force training with some damn good conversation! 

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July 2 Rights

Ramos and Baker discuss our first amendment in relation to recent controversies in the local AO.  The conversation spread into areas of systemic corruption, aliens, health, and the normal scope of thought.  The conversation generated good callers and stimulating ideas.

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