Veterans Take Charge Radio Show

The Veterans Take Charge Radio Show is dedicated to bringing our country’s warfighters, past, present, and future to you.  We share strong stories and tell hard truths while exploring local, national, and international issues that affect our military and civilian families.  Two US Army Veterans, a Ranger and a Medic #TakeChargeNow  and navigate Battlefield America for two hours in this high speed, low drag radio broadcast show. 

Justin Baker deployed twice to Afghanistan with the 75th Rangers and Dave Ramos deployed twice to Iraq with the 520th Area Support Medical Company.

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Legion Riders

Red, White, and Blue. It flows through our veins! In studio, we are gearing up for the Legion Rider's Epic Ride 2019 with Crash, Phinn, El Presidente, and Shameless. These men are preparing to travel thousands and thousands of miles across our great nation in honor of our country's veterans and fallen heroes. We talked about what the Epic Ride's inaugural voyage was like, its challenges and many successes, as well as what the crew can expect for their upcoming (and longer) Epic Ride 2019. Follow along and track with them as they mark their way across our beautiful and patriotic country. 

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Mark Bransky - NPTI

Fitness and rehabilitation! In studio is Mark Bransky of the National Personal Training Institute of California and our own Army Veteran Will Watts, who is a graduate of Mark's course. There are so many parallels, not only with Personal Training and militaristic physical training, but with Mark's experiences in transitioning from one careen field to another. With his transition came a slough of similar hardships until he found his passion and purpose in physical training and instruction. As a former student, Will gives excellent insight in not only the program, but its applicability and usefulness in recovery. Most notably, Will shares his experience of how Mark's course helped Will to walk again after a life threatening motorcycle accident. DAMN good stuff in here!

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Chad Watts, Zack Brown

We are in a pivotal moment in history for women's empowerment and the freedom of autonomy. We discuss female inspirations and toxicity (masculine and feminine) in our media. This is a very thought provoking conversation that generated some strong phone calls and good banter. During the second hour we speak with Chad Watts and Zack Brown of Scars and Stripes Coffee (, We had a great conversation about Purpose, Structure, Teamwork, and Discipline. Within Scars and Stripes is a phenomenal opportunity exclusively for veterans that you do not want to miss! Scope them out and listen here!

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Jo Romaniello and Chelsea Brow

Full house in studio as we talk with Jo Romaniello and Chelsea Browne, volunteers with the American Red Cross, Paul Damon of Holistic Veterans, and Will Watts of Fix'd Inc. In the first hour we talked about an upcoming workshop put on by the American Red Cross. The upcoming event is free to veterans and families and fits perfectly with the conversations we have been having over the last few weeks regarding communication and reconnection. Other workshop topics we discussed were about the mind/body connection and the importance of balanced, full wellness. In the second hour we spoke in depth about Holistic Veterans' 100th Anniversary Armistice Day celebration at the Veteran Memorial Building on November 11th, ethical business practices, and "waking up" through the mind's eye. Both Paul and Will share a unique perspective on trauma recovery that is dissected and analyzed to the best of our abilities and damn... my mind is blown...

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A solid dose of intimate vulnerability from Michael Ledford

We get a solid dose of intimate vulnerability from Michael Ledford of Better Tomorrow. He shared with us his initial thirst for vengeance and blood in the military and how his actions led to hard retribution and ultimate forgiveness. Michael led us down his path of traumas and suicidal ideations through to righteous works and saving lives. He ultimately started Better Tomorrow with Shane Hucheson and Ray Kimsey, who both join the conversation, as a way to give veterans and the disadvantaged a chance at recovery. These veterans have been leading the way in spiritual enrichment and works based in faith. Better Tomorrow is a global operation looking for full autonomy in their mission and they are well on their way! 

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Jaime Medina and Brian Cox

This week we had in studio the crew from the non-profit organization FIX'D out of Tracey California! We talked with Air Force veteran and District 13 Veteran of the Year Jaime Medina and Navy Corpsman Veteran Ryan "Doc" Cox all about veteran life, their military experience, finding work and making work, and the reasons FIX'D came into existence. These guys are on point, high energy, and poignant on many fronts, to include suicide and the VA. Listen to us talk about the how's and why's of working for with and by veterans! Scope them out at 

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Heroes and Horses!

Heroes and Horses! This week we #HuntTheGoodStuff with a significant accomplishment for females in the Air Force and discuss a few news topics. A Tennessee lawmaker is confident that pornography is a leading contributor to our nation's school shootings. Hmm... We dissected that comment and tried to read between the lines of porn, social media, technology, and family values. During the second hour we were joined by patriot and badass Jessica Streamo in North Carolina of "Back In The Saddle - Equine Services for Heroes". Jessica shared with us her passion for our nation's heroes and her love for horses, what PATH certification means, and what her organization provides for those on the path of rehabilitation. We've heard significant support for equine therapy and Jessica's experiences tells us why. I wanna ride horses and shoot guns!! Listen here to find out how...!

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KAPPA SIGMA and John T Woodall

This week we had returning guest and President of the CSUMB Fraternity KAPPA SIGMA, Alex Rassamni and his fundraising committee member Evan Garren in studio to talk about their upcoming golf tournament in support of the Military Heroes Campaign. We talked all about their tournament, as well as the strong work their fraternity does. They are not all about togas and beer... KAPPA SIGMA is cultivating leadership through high standards and service to our community while building brotherhood through selfless integrity. These gentlemen embody patriotism and strength in true fashion. During the second hour we talked with singer, songwriter, and actor John T. Woodall about his role as the Artistic Director for Camp 4 Heroes (as well as some other Glittery things...!). John's passion can be heard in his singing, but more so is felt as he shares with us his father's influence and role in establishing Camp 4 Heroes, post 9-11. They have an amazing program for military, law, fire and EMS to rehabilitate with exciting activities. Naturally, we had a great time with John. And you can too, if you tune in here!

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Evan Morrison and David Nixon

Strong talk and roundtable regarding homeless veterans in our community and our country.  We had excellent insight and motivation from the Homeless Service Center's new Veteran Outreach coordinator Evan Morrison.  Evan shared his views and understanding of the sheer number of homeless veterans and their barriers to service, newly implemented solution strategies, and the realities of living at risk.  We also had USAF veteran Will Kraintz, who is photographing veterans and hearing their stories for his upcoming exhibit.  Will gave us some perspective as he's heard it.  And David Nixon, USN veteran, brought his immense vision of ending veteran homelessness by creating an enhanced tiny home veteran village.  The roundtable talk brought some very good analysis and made interesting points about operation and functionality of the current movements.  Collaboration from across this country is coming in strong!  To hear the collaboration in motion, listen to this!!

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Part 2 with Doc DiMaio!

Part 2 with Doc DiMaio! Wild start regarding the judicial system, quality care, and immigration...! But we buckled down and talked strong shop regarding the recent hostage situation in Yountville, mental health, medications, behavioral histories and irrational veterans. Having the expertise of Doc in studio with us was outfreakingstanding!!

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USMC Veteran Chris DiMaio

This week we heard some amazing stories and experiences shared by USMC Veteran Chris DiMaio. Doc DiMaio was in the Medical Service Corps during Vietnam and gave us some up close and personal accounts of being in jungle war. Booty traps, tigers, blood, the memorial wall, and transition were all shared by Doc in such a tangible and modest way. We opened the conversation in the second hour with his experience as a psychiatrist and barely began to scratch the surface of suicide and prescribed medications. This is too good to pass up!

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Greg Amundson

The awe inspiring and motivating Greg Amundson joins us in studio to talk about his fifth book "The Warrior and the Monk". This is his first fable book about a young warrior and a wise monk navigating self-mastery and discipline. As always, Greg shares exceptional wisdom and teachings from his life experience and studies, as well as direct readings from his book! Knowing Greg's background as a former DEA Special Agent, Law Enforcement Officer, Army Veteran, fitness instructor, motivational speaker, coach, and author, its no surprise that his presence reverberates with positivity and enlightenment. Naturally we had questions and his answers were packed with insight on spirituality, discipline, consciousness, and the light of life. I have never walked away from Greg with a shred of negativity. After you hear this, you'll understand why.

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