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The Veterans Take Charge Radio Show is dedicated to bringing our country’s warfighters, past, present, and future to you.  We share strong stories and tell hard truths while exploring local, national, and international issues that affect our military and civilian families.  Two US Army Veterans, a Ranger and a Medic #TakeChargeNow  and navigate Battlefield America for two hours in this high speed, low drag radio broadcast show. 

Justin Baker deployed twice to Afghanistan with the 75th Rangers and Dave Ramos deployed twice to Iraq with the 520th Area Support Medical Company.

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female leaders of FIX'D Inc

The head shed and female leaders of FIX'D Inc are in studio to talk about how they are running and inspiring others!

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Injustices of the Local Legal System

Navy Veteran Craig Hyder is in studio to discuss his perceived injustices of the local legal system.

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Support of Homeless Veterans

New projects in support of Homeless Veterans and updates on the community. 

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Terry Maxwell - USAF, Marvin R

Rules of Engagement under differing administrations

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Veteran Scotty and SFC Bravo in to talk about some wild experiences.

We've got a full house of awesome with Veteran Scotty and SFC Bravo in to talk about some wild experiences, strong stories, heinous acts, and hard truths. Scotty was a part of the CID, exited the military and joined Law Enforcement, and then joined the French Foreign Legion! The conversation that comes up from these dynamic perspectives is amazing! The war on drugs, resiliency, Veterans Court, Corpsmen, and the criminal justice system. Holy smokes, this show is HOT! #TakeChargeNow 

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Plight of the Military Spouse

This week's show is about the Plight of the Military Spouse and in studio we are joined by Army Spouse Cindy Kao. Cindy is more than an accomplished spouse, she has her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, lecturer at CSUMB, a mother, and more! She breaks the mold is so many ways. Cindy shares her experience and life's direction with us, while keeping the realities of military life in the forefront. Prime example of the Spouse's Plight is that Cindy recently agreed to continuing her professional work just before Big Army gave her husband orders to PCS in less than 12 months. Continuity, resentments, adaptation, support, and struggle are all very real and Cindy and the Take Charge Team talk all about it! #TakeChargeNow

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Our guest, Army Veteran JR

This show comes with a heavy trigger warning. Our guest, Army Veteran JR joined the Infantry at a young age and over the course of his 16 year military experience, spent five of those years in Iraq. JR Shares more than his trauma and understandings of life and death. Please hug your loved ones. Encourage your Battle Buddies. Lean forward and #TakeChargeNow.

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VFW Post 10110 Commander Chuck Woodson

In studio is VFW Post 10110 Commander Chuck Woodson to talk about so much more than his 25 year Special Forces career. Chuck is a badass Vietnam Veteran with three D-214 who is currently working on his Bachelors and Masters degrees in tandem. Dude... His post is providing high speed and world class opportunities to network and serve the driving force of Laguna Seca real soon! Our conversation revolves all around where and how we bridge gaps between generations, face the stresses of academia, his international studies in Counterterrorism, and so much more. During the second hour we were joined by 20 year Air Force Combat Veteran and PhD Jannell MacAulay to help us gel the community! Dude!! Former LtCOL MacAulay is so much more than a Leadership.

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Healing Veterans From The Inside Out!

In studio was formerly incarcerated combat veteran Ron Self and his Chief Operations Officer Samantha Stair to discuss all things Veterans Healing Veterans From The Inside Out! What started as a failed suicide attempt has evolved into a mission of healing and prevention for veteran trauma survivors, with a strong emphasis on previously incarcerated veterans. Samantha's perspective and influence in her role is crucial to the operations and direction of Veterans Healing Veterans. We talked about Ron's upcoming trip to Washington DC and got deeper into the veteran and incarcerated mindset post-trauma. #TakeChargeNow Learn more at

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Hot and Heavy, Bringing the Heat!

Hot and heavy, bringing the heat! Phase One is in full effect and we are not slowing down. Conversation revolves around credibility and accountability in your community in reference to something that happened at the Veterans Memorial Building in Santa Cruz. In the second hour we expand the conversation from local to national with talk about the wall that somehow side rails into abortion... #TakeChargeNow

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Fight the system or play the game?

Fight the system or play the game? Fight the game? Play the system? Fix it? U.S. Navy Veteran Craig Hyder returns to the Show with some strong stories that resulted in the creation of one of Santa Cruz's newest veteran organizations, the Veteran Patriots Foundation. Craig was unfairly punished by a legal system that dishonored him and ruined his livelihood to the point of homelessness, all as a result of wrongful accusations. This. This needs to stop. The conversation ramps up into an on-air recognition of how corrupt and abusive "the system" can be and just how right and vindicated Craig truly is. You do NOT want to miss this. Like you did yesterday, watching a lame-o #SuperBowlLIII and a deflated half-time show... Or, that's what I've heard... #TakeChargeNow

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