Mack Maloney's Military Mysteries

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What's Under Denver International Airport?

Mack & Pistol Pete talk to Commander Cobra about five of today's most popular conspiracy theories, including rumors of a secret military installation beneath Denver International Airport. Also, we talk to Carissa of the Chill Seekers ghost-hunting team, plus Cindy Bailey Dove's Drone Report.
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To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

Mack & Pete talk to actor Tim Russ who played Tuvak the Vulcan in the Star Trek Voyager series. Also, Author Jordan Hofer on his book "Little Gray Bad Guys," and Cindy Bailey Dove's "Drone Report"
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UFOs Haunt Connecticut Farmhouse

Mack & Pete talk to Researcher Paul Eno about a haunted farmhouse in Connecticut where UFOs & the military are seen frequently. Also, Charles "Don't Call me Chuck" Stansburge reports about his latest adventure in outer space. Plus Cindy Bailey Dove's Drone Report.
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