Todays American Veteran

Today's American Veteran is presented by the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes The show is hosted by Emmy nominated actor and Patriot Jack Scalia.

To Support The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes make a one time or monthly donation  text the word SALUTERADIO to 91999 


The Coalition supports all Veterans and is a non partisan outreach.The views expressed by our guests are their own and may not reflect those of The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

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Sean Bode of Boulder Crest


 We exist to solve the mental health crisis and to heal our military members, veterans, and their families dealing with PTSD and combat-related stress, so they can live productive, fulfilling, and service-oriented lives at home.


To provide free, world class, short-duration, high-impact retreats for combat veterans and their families.


Revolutionize a model of healing that integrates evidence-based therapies, a safe, peaceful space and unparalleled customer service to improve physical, emotional, spiritual and economic well-being for our nation’s combat veterans and their families.

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Naveen Khan CEO of MilTeen Chat app & Pt Pal app

MilTeen Chat App is a Program for Military Connected Teens. The App was created to help Military Teens stay connected even when they move do to there parents being re a signed.

Pt Pal has been serving patients since 2013. There technology allows clinicians to send patients interactive information on an app. Pt Pal is made up of highly skilled medical and business professionals who deeply value patients' health and wellbeing and clinicians work in providing that care.


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Janine Turner on Motherhood and Movie Moments

  Janine Turner talks with Jack about Motherhood her father and some behind the scene moments from movies 

like Cliffhanger. 

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Janine Turner talks about Constituting America



Our mission is to utilize the culture and multi-media outreach such as television, music, film, internet, and social media to reach, educate and inform America’s adults and students about the importance of the U.S. Constitution and the foundation it sets forth regarding our freedoms and rights.

The core mission of Constituting America is to educate Americans about the Constitution and the rights and liberties it provides and protects for all of us. We accomplish that mission through several programs, including our keystone program — the national We The Future Contest for kids. We also have an exciting new program that features Constituting America Founder and Co-Chair Janine Turner and daughter, National Youth Director Juliette Turner, speaking in person and via Skype and Google Hangout to classrooms around the country.

 We are the only organization that utilizes the movies, music, and television with the kids’ own works, to inspire Americans of all ages to learn about the U.S. Constitution by distributing their works through the national media.
Check us out at
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Janine Turner (actress and founder Constituting America) Pt.1

Janine Turner is an Emmy and three-time Golden Globe-nominated actress known to millions of fans for her role in the hit CBS television show, Northern Exposure. She recently completed filming the movie, Solace, starring opposite Anthony Hopkins.

Janine’s lustrous career includes starring in NBC’s Friday Night Lights, Lifetimes’ Strong Medicine, and in feature films such as Steel MagnoliasCliffhanger with Sylvester Stallone, Dr. T and the Women with Richard Gere, Night of the White Pantswith Tom Wilkinson and in Universal’s Leave it to Beaver as June Cleaver.

As a film maker, Janine won Best New Director at the Deep Ellum Film Festival for her short Film, Trip in a Summer Dress.

Janine is the creator, author and voice of the God on the Go Minute and she and her daughter, Juliette Turner, are the creators, authors and voices of The Constitutional Minute – both one minute spots for the radio.  

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Tom Fick with Hollywood Cares

Tom Fick Founder of nonprofit organization providing entertainment support libraries (movies, TV programs, music CDs, video games & gifts) to frontline combat troops, deployed commands, wounded soldiers rehabilating in military hospitals and the spouse & children of fallen heroes. Charity additionally supports returning servicemen & women (especially those with PTSD), Veterans, VA hospitals & homes and military families in need.

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Vietnam Veteran & Purple Heart Recipient Tom Marrin

Jack talks with Tom about his service and the Color Guard. When Honor Guard is in position behind the flag bases, the command is given to present colors. The U.S. Flag stays vertical; the other flags are tilted at 45 degrees. Flags are held in this manner until singing of National Anthem, Pledge to the American Flag, or both.

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Major Phillip Murrell

I am an active duty army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) officer who is currently earning an MBA. I have been married for eleven years and have three children who are ten, eight, and six years old. I love stories in all mediums, including books, comics, movies, and television. I also enjoy high adrenaline activities, such as skydiving, whitewater rafting, and roller coasters. Bystanders is the first of four books that I have written with these characters. I also enjoy writing screenplays and teleplays.

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