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Today's American Veteran is presented by the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes The show is hosted by Emmy nominated actor and Patriot Jack Scalia.

To Support The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes make a one time or monthly donation  text the word SALUTERADIO to 91999 


The Coalition supports all Veterans and is a non partisan outreach.The views expressed by our guests are their own and may not reflect those of The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

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The Story

The idea for The Honor Group was founded by Mark “Coach” Soto, a retired high school football coach of 18 years. Mark has two sons that served in the military and he coached both of them in football. His youngest son after serving 9.5 years  in the US Army as an Infantry Sniper, retired in 2015. His oldest son is an injured US Marine who medically retired in 2013 after 8.5 years of service.

Over their years of service, his two sons saw more than 31 months of combined combat deployments. As a result of the deployments, the family saw many military friends deploy and return changed. Many returned wounded, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) or witnessed their military brother or sister killed in action. The service men and women were forever changed, as was their families.

In 2010, as requested, Coach Soto took over a fledgling football showcase in Northern California called Battle at the Capital that was struggling and losing support. As a father and football coach wrapped up in the emotional turmoil of his boys multiple deployments, Mark saw this football event as being the perfect venue to educate students, coaches and communities about the needs of our military veterans. Since 2010, the event has changed names, grown throughout California and has morphed into one of the best high school football showcases in the nation. The anchor event is now called: The Honor Bowl.

In December 2012, The Honor Group officially became a non-profit and launched other educational programs to help educate our youth and fund raise to assist injured, ill and wounded military veterans. Nationally respected, The Honor Group has goals to expand across America.

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Gordon Brown Team Veteran

Gordon Brown is the founder of Team Veteran LLC, and the nonprofit Team Veteran Foundation, Inc., he served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War 1972-1980. As a MM3 (E-4) he was qualified as the Chief Machinist’s Mate of the Watch (Top Watch) in the Aft Engine Room (AER) aboard the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany CVA/CV-34. As a MM2 he transferred to the carrier USS Ranger CV-61 as a Leading Petty Officer (LPO) and Top Watch for #3 Main Machinery Room.

He served in Guam in the mid 1970’s assigned to the USS Proteus AS-19 and worked with several government agencies to investigate and stop a major drug smuggling operation that was moving heroin from Thailand through the island of Guam bound for the Continental US aboard Pan Am Airways.  

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Sonoran Winds Hospice

Sonoran Winds Hospice, provides palliative and hospice care specializing in providing care for veterans, law enforcement, fire fighters and first responders. Hospice and palliative care focus on the entire patient, clinical, emotional, psycho- social, and spiritual. Our patients often have unique issues that come from combat stress and/or PTSD issues. We go to extra lengths to make sure we honor these patients in ways that we know work, as we are veterans ourselves. We also employee title 38 agents to help apply for benefits and navigate the VA system to apply for available benefits at no cost to the veteran. We are a VA certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and the owners are both veterans with combat deployments and one with a purple heart.  We are currently expanding in areas like San Diego with large military populations, and partnering with foundations to
ensure we have the full scope of services for all veterans regardless of their country of service.

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