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Patriotic Productions: Remembering Our Fallen

Bill and Evonne Williams are the co-founders of Patriotic Productions and its mission that include Remembering Our Fallen. They were the volunteer organizers behind multiple Honor Flights that took 3,500+ of veterans to their memorials in Washington DC.

Remembering Our Fallen is a photographic war memorial that honors our country’s military Fallen from The War on Terror (9/11/2001 - Present).  Unlike brick and mortar memorials, Remembering Our Fallen is designed to travel and includes both military and personal photos.  Its legacy will be that these men and women will be remembered and their names will be spoken, while helping to lessen the grief of their families.

A Gold Star family's greatest fear is that their Fallen will be forgotten...

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American Windmill Museum

We are talking with Tanya Meadows, Tanya works for the American Windmill Museum in Lubbock TX.


This 28 acre tract of rolling hills, (rolling for Lubbock) was ideal for the large number of windmills the organization owned at the time. The Scarborough-Linebery Foundation of Midland awarded a grant of over one million dollars to the museum and a 30,000 sq. ft. gallery building was built to house the rare windmills. 


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Lets Visit Omaha!

Jessica Weishahn Tourism Sales Manager for Visit Omaha

Founded in 1854, the city of Omaha has always been a dynamic, energetic city continually transforming itself.

Whether it was the Native American Indian tribes, pioneers, railroad laborers or meat packers, everyone who came to call Omaha home helped shape its current cultural diversity, hard work ethic, and friendly demeanor. Named after an American Indian Tribe, Omaha means "Those going against the wind or current", Omahans proudly continue to live up to the name.  In recent years, the Omaha riverfront and downtown area have experienced tremendous growth with over two billion dollars in new development. Currently, the 42nd largest city in the United States, the metropolitan area is home to over 900,000 people who welcome visitors with open arms and authentic Midwestern hospitality.

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The United States Navy Memorial - Washington DC

Rear Admiral Frank Thorp President of The United States Navy Memorial stops by for a visit about the exciting programs and the many benefits of belonging! Did you know your reunion can get a plaque?

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The National Ranching Heritage Center – Lubbock Texas

 Sue Jones, Outreach and Communications Coordinator shares her enthusiasm for the for the history of ranching in Texas.  Over 25 original structures dating back over 100 years illustrate the development  and growth that is the pioneer spirit of the west.


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Operation Resiliency and the Independence Fund

Sam Johnson stops by the MRN studio for a visit about a very important program within The Independence Fund. Operation Resiliency is a way to reduce Veteran Suicide through reunions. The goal is to ensure the unit that experiences the battle together, experiences healing together.

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Staying Safe on the Internet.

Darren Lauer, The White Hatter, shares best practices for Military Reunion Planners in protecting information on the internet. The White Hatter is an internet safety and digital literacy education specialist company.  Darren and his team emphasize the importance of being a good digital citizen.

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Rogue American Apparel

Mack McCalister from Rogue American Fort Bragg, and Rogue American Apparel shares the history of this popular clothing line designed for Veterans by Veterans.

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National Museum of the United States Army Fort Belvoir VA

Museum President LTG Roger Schultz  and Operations VP, Kerri Kline, enthusiastically talk about the history behind the National Museum of the United States Army and the last details prior to the June 2020 opening.

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Yankee Air Pirate The story of POW Richard Stratton

LtCmdr Stratton was a Vietnam War POW from January 5, 1967 to March 3, 1973.  He and his son Marine Veteran Patrick Stratton stop by for a visit about his experiences at the Hanoi Hilton, what life was like for Patrick, and their podcast, Yankee Air Pirate.
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Warrior 180 Foundation

Warrior 180° Foundation Founders Jeff and Criss travel the country in their RV ministering to Active Military, Veterans, First Responders and their families. Their goal is to reduce the struggles they face by building community, training and support.

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Dan Pedersen "Godfather of The Navy Top Gun Program"

Pedersen, a distinguished military veteran is credited with establishing the Navy Fighter Weapons School. His memoir, a collection of captivating, action-packed anecdotes and pivotal events in his naval career, moves briskly through time spent with committed men dedicated to their “monastic calling.”

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