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Bizarre Weapons of the Future

Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk with RAF expert Ross Sharp about fantastic weaponry coming in the next 20 years, including the Rail Gun, the “baby” Space Shuttle and the frightening “Rods of God.” Plus, Emily M on the haunting of the USS Hornet aircraft carrier, Switchblade Steve Ward with more “Tales from the Fringe,” and Ten More Questions for Juan-Juan.

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Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk with Liverpool’s Sacha Christie about her chilling UFO encounter. Show security chief Willy Clubb reads the gang’s latest batch of fan mail. Switchblade Steve counts down the Top Ten paranormal events of all time. Juan-Juan explains his love for the New England Patriots. Also, a special replay of “Ten Questions for Mack.” Special guests: Emily M and Superfan Barbara With.

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In a very special broadcast, Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra are featured on Martin Willis’s “Podcast UFO” You Tube show.

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The Enchanted Island of Broken Toys

Mack, Juan-Juan, Cobra and Switch host a massive radio party including UFO experiencer Marinna Rose, Navy authors Brian Andrews & Jeff Wilson and Agent X. Top 10 Robot Movies with famous Hollywood writer, Gary Olsen. Special appearance: show security chief Willy Clubb. Special guest: Meaghan Reagan.

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The Strange Case of a Being Named Julius

Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra talk to guests Brad & Casey about their contact with a being from another level of existence named Julius. Switchblade Steve with more “Classics from the Fringe.” Ten Questions for Mack. More fall-out from the TV Show Show. Plus, Emily M calls in and Cobra explains why it’s never wise to wrestle with a pig.

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Why Don't The Men-in-Black Dress Better?

Mack, Juan-Juan and Switchy discuss a variety of topics including the odd fashion statement made by the Men-in-Black and whether the lightning rod holds the secret to understanding UFOs. Also, how to make a good Batman movie. Plus, a special segment: 10 Questions for Meaghan Reagan.

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The Ghost in the Button-Factory

Mack, Juan-Juan & Switchy talk to in-studio guest, Valerie Lofaso of the KRI Center for Consciousness Studies about intuition, how to trust your gut, what's the best way to look for UFOs and a story about a perverted ghost haunting an old button factory in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Special guest: Cindy Bailey Dove

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The Aztec Crash Love Song Show

Mack, Juan-Juan and Switchy talk with Reverends Matt Silberman & Sonya Notkof about the paranornal aspects of living in Colorado and why it is sometimes wise not to marry an exotic dancer. Also, UFO researchers Scott & Suzanne Ramsey call in and discuss their new book and the song Mack's band Sky Club recorded about them. Plus, 10 Questions for Juan-Juan. Special guest, Meaghan Reagan.

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How to Party in Jurassic Park

Mack, Juan-Juan and Switch report on the recent party at Commander Cobra’s compound. Cobra presents a special encore segment on the mysteries of the International Space Station. Also, a talk with famous Hollywood author, Gary Olsen. Special Guest: Meaghan Reagan.

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The gang read their favorite stories from Mack's best-selling book.

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The Five Spies Who Changed the World

Mack, Juan-Juan & Switchblade Steve talk with UK correspondent Ross Sharp about the “Cambridge Five” – a group of British spies who gave thousands of secrets to Russia just before World War Two. Also, UFO Researcher Karyn Dolan on her years in and out of the UFO community. Plus, the gang recounts their recent appearance at the Exeter NH UFO Festival. Special guest: Meaghan Reagan.

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Take The Long Way Home

Mack, Juan-Juan and Switchy talk to Dr Bob Gross about what happens inside your brain when you see a UFO. Plus, a conversation with the publisher of Mack’s new book, “Wingman 19 – The Odessa Raid.” Also, the gang rehearses for their upcoming appearance at the Exeter UFO Festival.

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