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Ghosts & the U.S. Army

Mack & Race talk to Lt Col Dave Goodwin about haunted Army bases in the USA. Also, Charles Stansburge on his latest mission with the Grays in outer space, Cindy Bailey Dove's Drone Report and the national media's reaction to Cyryc the Alien's Super Bowl prediction.
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The U.S. Army & the Aztec UFO Crash

Mack & Race talk to Scott & Suzanne Ramsey about a UFO crash that has more evidence than Roswell. Also surf-rock king Merrell Fankhauser calls in, Cindy Bailey Dove's Drone Report and a space alien advises Mack & Race on how to bet the Super Bowl.
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JFK, 9/11 & the Secret World Government

Mack & Race talk to Bob Djurdjevic, author & researcher, about whether a secret government is running the world; also Ardy Clarke on Mesoamerica & UFOs, Cindy Bailey Dove's Drone Report and shocking new revelations about Race's Sugar Ghost.
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UFOs, the U.S. Military & Flying Humans

Mack & Race talk to UFO author Christopher O'Brien about reports of flying humans in the southwest corner of Colorado, a place surrounded by top-secret U.S. military bases. Also, an alien from 750 million light years away agrees to help Mack & Race bet the Super Bowl.
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The Haunted Aircraft Carrier

Mack and Race talk to the Chill Seekers, a ghost-hunting group who communicated with sailors killed in battle aboard the USS Hornet. Also a visit with UFO Abduction expert "Reverend Deb," and Cindy Bailey Dove's Drone Report.
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Ghost and UFO's

Marshall Trimble, Considered the dean of Arizona historians, Trimble is the author of more than a dozen books, and his stories and cowboy poems have appeared in such magazines as Arizona Highways, Western Horseman, and The American Cowboy.
Dr Don C. Donderi, retired professor of Psychology at McGill university in Canada, has researched UFOs for four decades.
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Chem Trails - Secret Space Program

Military X-Files With Michael Schratt & Agent X Dan Wigington

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The UFO Encyclopedia

Mack Talks with Jerry Clark Author of The UFO Encyclopedia : The Phenomenon from the beginning
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The Hitler Legacy

Mack talks with Peter Levenda Author of the book, The Hitler Legacy, An expose of American and European collaboration with the Nazi Underground and the subsequent rise of global terrorism. Levenda has traveled to four continents in the search for the truth about ODESSA, uncovering documents and interviewing witnesses, and in the process discovered the connection between the ODESSA leadership and its financial, military and moral support of global jihad.
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UFO & Police

Mack talks to Jim Bouck Author of UFOs Above the Law is a collection of UFO reports from law enforcement officers and other government officials that prove that UFOs are not only real, but that they are here en masse. Those people who serve and protect the public tend to be the most credible witnesses and investigators when it comes to bringing forth the truth.
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Macks Time Machine

Mack talks with Clark C. McClelland auther of The Stargate Chronicles and Steve "The Hammer" Hammonds on ESP and Psychic Spies.
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Alien Rock Music & UFO Haunting

Mack talks to Merrell Fanknauser about Alien Rock Music and with Robert Salas on UFO Hauntings of US missile silos.
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