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Welcome to “Mack Maloney’s MUSICAL X-Files”

In a special show, the gang is joined by rock musicians Matt Malley, Mark Poulin & Rich Kennedy plus award-winning record producers Chris Billias & Don Falcone to discuss the making of “Roswell,” the new UFO-themed CD by Mack’s band, SKY CLUB. Topics include how to write a hit record, why M&Ms are the new scourge of the rock world and the best in musician jokes. What do you call a guy who hangs around with musicians? (A drummer.) Special guest: Raven.

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Another Look at the Other Side of Mars

The gang talks with producer Gary Shoefield about the Alien Autopsy movie, his hit pop-star hologram shows and his son, Luke Brandon Field, who stars in the Oscar-winning movie, Jojo Rabbit. Also, LA publicist Heather Burgett on her grandfather’s miraculous final bombing mission in a B-17 and what it’s like to be visited by a ghost. Plus, Switch reports on a remote viewing experiment that found ancient structures on Mars. (Most requested show of 2020.)

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At Least Now We Know The Snowmen Are Real

The gang discusses why UFOs would need lights. Security chief Willy Clubb reads the show’s latest fan mail. Raven reports on the chilling Dyatlov Pass Incident & whether UFOs were involved. Switch is challenged to eat an entire box of Frosted Flakes in one sitting.

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It’s all about Commander Cobra in a special show, including 20 questions the gang has always wanted to ask CC, why comedian Robin Williams was a dick, how many Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders can you fit inside a helicopter and how not to vomit while airborne. Also, a heated debate on whether Popeye was in the US Navy or the Coast Guard, Plus Switch explains how he had rum for breakfast & then suddenly shaved off his beard.

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My Favorite Aunt Was in the Gestapo

The gang talks to Dr. Bruce Solheim about his relative’s involvement with Hitler’s despised secret police. Author Matthew Roberts on his new paranormal-themed book, “Initiated.” Army war vet & paranormal podcast host Jessie Kwasney on his unusual combat experiences in Iraq. Also, Top Ten Weird Warships, a discussion on why the British Navy would name one of its ships, the HMS Pansy, and what U.S. military service has the worst food. Special guest: Empath Valerie Lofaso.

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When UFOs Cross the Puddle

The gang talks to Joanne Summers, one of the UK’s leading UFO experts, about recent paranormal doings in England and why British food is so bad. LA PR guru Heather Burgett tells two compelling stories about her grandfathers – one was a hero pilot in World War Two, the other appeared to her on the eve of his funeral. Tony Cisneros of Alpventure Tours on what it’s like to go back to the famous battle sites. Also, the world’s Top Five Haunted Battlefields. Surprise guest: rock star, Matt Malley of Counting Crows.

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Where’s the World’s Most Haunted Battlefield?

Hollywood writer Gary Olsen & the gang count down the Top 10 Scariest Movies Ever Made. Psychic William Stillman talks about paranormal activity at Gettysburg. Switch reports on “This Day in UFO History.” Also, why it was a bad idea to photograph deceased relatives back in the 1800s. Special Guests: Willy Clubb & Raven.

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History’s Greatest Spy

The gang talks to author Phil Orbanes about how a spy named “Garbo” double-crossed Hitler and saved thousands of lives on D-Day. Coco explains how he wound up in the movie, “Bay Boys 2.” Plus, a report on Top Gun’s Haunted Hangar, an update on Raven’s frightening Ouija Board story and a West Point connection to The Wizard of Oz. Special guest: Pistol Pete Falconi.

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The Mystery of June 28, 1980

The gang talks to TV writer Paul Coyle about his work on Star Trek, Hercules, Xena and Superboy. Switch reports on the baffling connection between five paranormal events that occurred on the same day in 1980. Also, the World’s Top 5 Strangest Military Bases. Special guests, Willy Clubb & Agent X.

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When is a Ghost not a Ghost?

The gang talks with paranormal researcher Paul Eno about his theories on what ghosts might be. Greg Masto with the top ten most controversial war video games ever. Clare Haynes tells a frightening Ouija Board story. Special Guests: Willy Clubb & Agent X.

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Why is the US Navy’s Area 51 inside the Bermuda Triangle?

The gang discusses AUTEC, the Navy’s highly-secret base on Andros Island in the Caribbean. Navy cryptologist Matt Roberts talks about serving aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Teddy Roosevelt, at the same time its pilots encountered the famous “Gimbal UFO.” Also, Cobra reveals he was once forced down at Area 51 and held by the authorities. Special guest: Ella the Psychic.

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How to Fly A Battleship

In a special show, the gang discusses robot fighter pilots, flying battleships and why bears don’t like parachutes. “Mac & Cheese (aka Switchy)” discuss their Top-3 favorite UFO incidents. Mack and JJ argue about director Quinten Tarantino, Part 3. Special guest: Willy Clubb

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