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Did Dracula Fly a UFO?

Superfan Susan Kauppila joins the gang as they discuss evidence that suggests the real Dracula, AKA “Vlad the Impaler,” was from outer space. Raven reports on Lake Lanier, the most haunted lake in America; an expert analysis of three extremely creepy You Tube videos indicates they are not hoaxes, plus an image of a weird creature caught on a Trail Cam the same night UFOs were seen overhead.

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If Tree Falls on Mars Does It Make a Sound?

The gang discusses a number of topics including the U.S. Government’s lack of action on its new UFO investigation and a bizarre paranormal game involving a black telephone and an empty house. Dr. Bob Gross reports on the unearthly acoustic conditions on Mars which may make it impossible to hear music on the Red Planet. Also, Raven goes to a bachelorette party and the Popeye Controversy rages on. (Parental guidance recommended) 

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UFOs in the Forest

The gang discusses a variety of topics including the bizarre story of a German fighter pilot who saved the lives of a B-17 crew and where to find the three creepiest forests on Earth. Also, Clubb does his best Juan-Juan impression; Mack has issues with his new smart phone and the Top 10 reasons why Bob the Ghost won’t stop haunting the radio station. 

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Top 10 Strangest Wars Ever

Battling through some Bob-the-Ghost equipment sabotage, the gang presents a list of the most bizarre wars ever. Was World War One fought over a secret recipe for Coca-Cola? Did Canada & Denmark go to war over a bottle of schnapps? Why did Spain & Peru go to war over an island covered with bird guano? Also discussed:  a ventriloquist’s doll created in a WW2 German POW camp that survived the war but haunted anyone who touched it afterwards, the disturbing and creepy “Pacing Man” video, Top 10 Reasons Juan-Juan is moving to the UK and why Prince Charles needs a new pair of glasses.

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The Search for Bob the Ghost

The gang does a ghost hunt looking for Bob the Ghost, the radio station’s deceased but still rambunctious engineer -- with very creepy results. Also a report on a disturbingly haunted painting called “The Anguished Man.” Plus, the strange announcement from the Pentagon that an object from outside the solar system struck the Earth in 2014. Special guest: Valerie Lofaso.

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The James Forrestal Case: UFO Murder or Suicide?

The gang talks about a variety of creepy topics including the untimely death of Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, the devastating story of the Radium Girls, the Illuminati Conspiracy known as The Octopus and the Horror of Bunnyman Bridge. Also, UFO podcaster Martin Willis reveals an encounter he had with a manatee that might have been sexual. Special guests: Best-selling author Marc Zappulla & the Black Eyed Kid. (Adult content)

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The Devon UFO Mystery

The gang discusses a bizarre case where British police cornered a UFO only to have the British military tell them to let it go. Also, real-life action adventure star, Chris Ahr talks about his new job as an undercover “fish cop.” Plus, the Popeye controversy rages on and a discussion about bralettes. 

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What Happens The Day the UFOs Finally Arrive?

The gang talks to author Dr. Simeon Hein about how a real government “Disclosure” would work. Paranormal researcher Jason Hewett tells the bizarre story of “The New Jersey Watcher.” An extremely creepy video from Mexico emerges that shows dogs barking at extraterrestrial ghosts, plus Super Fan Susan Kauppila joins the show.

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