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Thank You For Your Service

Willie Nelson sends a shout out to all who serve.  Host Barbara Beach introduces these special Veterans Day programs and Jocko Marcellino sings his tribute song Thank You for Your Service.

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Pat Gualtieri on Parade to Honor Vets

LogoAmericasParadePat Gualtieri is a U.S. Army Vietnam vet and  Executive Director of the United War Veterans Council, producer of America’s Parade, the NYC Veterans Day Parade.

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Celebrating Patriots and Saving the Flag with Rick Monday

When fans threatened to set the American flag on fire Baseball great Rick Monday took to the field to save the flag. Now known as the greatest play in baseball!

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Little Anthony and Ron Bienstock

Singer, Actor and Military Historian Anthony Gourdines welcomes Ron Bienstock

 RON BIENSTOCK  counsel for the 100th Bomb Group foundation , https://100thbg.com/    preserving the legacy and memory of those service people who were a part of this famous WWII Eighth Air Force  bomb group. 100thbg’s activities have expanded dramatically over the last years to include relationships with museums around the world and to present historical symposia at various historical events.

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Kevon Vaughn from Iraq to College


  1468768 648242211893813 649660084 n Kevon  Vaughn, USMC Corporal, served two tours in Iraq.  He is presently going to college and recently  waselected Commander of the Rocco Moretto VFW Post.  At 28, Kevon might be youngest VFW commander in America.

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Suzanne Bettis,Semper Fi to the Courtroom



images-2Suzanne Bettis, USMC sergeant, served two tours in Iraq.  She just finished law school and is now working as an Assistant District Attorney in Queens.  Suzanne is active in issues for young women vets.

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Domestic Nam When the Navy meets the Marines

Domestic Nam Book CoversProud of his fellow warfighters author and Marine Dick Fox analyzes the "War" in Viet Nam.Fox spends an hour in the lll Corps Delta brown waters with Bob Weinschenk, Patrol Boat Gunner and Pilot, October '67 - Oct. '68.  250 Navy PBR's and 1,600 rotating crew patrolled the Delta through swamp, tides, currents and monsoon seasons.   Often sitting water-ducks, always at point.  A rarest of Nam true, unheard stories.

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SOFA talks to Allan Cors about the Wartime Military Museum

317730 306183399396367 347131957 nThe Americans in Wartime Museum:  When America goes to war, the American people go to War.

The Americans in Wartime Museum is dedicated to telling the remarkable stories of American men and women who have met the challenge and served our nation during wartime – in all branches of the military and on the home front, from World War I to present-day conflicts. Gary Stubblefield welcomes Allan Cors, spokesperson and Chairman of The Americans in Wartime Museum


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Military X-Files - Merrell Frankhauser & Robert Salas

 Mack Maloney's Military X-Files

Best-selling author Mack Maloney looks into some of the most baffling mysteries involving the U.S. military. What does the Pentagon know about UFOs? What really goes on at Area 51? Why are people seeing Osama bin Laden's ghost? Why was the USS John F Kennedy called "the Haunted Carrier?" Mack interviews current and former military personnel, intelligence agents, military investigators and other experts in hopes of cracking a different case every week.  

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