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Koch Industries - Military Veteran Recruiting and Retention Program

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Colonel (Retired) John C. Buckley, II, U.S. Army, completed 30 years of active duty service in September 2014. 

His military career as an Infantryman includes commanding Soldiers in combat and peacekeeping operations, contributing to the strategic and operational planning for operations in Bosnia, Iraq and Libya as well as providing daily advice to the Secretary of the Army, the Chief of Staff, Army and other senior commanders who answered directly to the President of the United States. As the Director of two of the Army’s most prestigious schools, he designed an enduring curriculum for future Army leaders.

John Buckley talks to Jack about Koch Industries and how they Create a sustainable military veteran recruiting and retention program to advance Koch Industries, Inc.'s long-term business strategies, including current demand and future talent needs Ultimately, attract, hire, integrate and retain well-qualified military veterans by: Leveraging mutually beneficial relationships; Increasing awareness of the program; Collaborating across all Koch companies; Improving consistency of effort and representation; Sharing best practices. 

Through education programs we have focused on closing the cultural and communication gap and as a result our retention rates have increased.  Moreover, we are attracting even more veterans because our veteran employees are excited to refer their former battle-buddies and mates. Our communication effort also educates our non-veteran community on “life in the military service”, shares veterans success in Koch, and has resulted in a record number of ESGR recognition.

Our Transition mentoring supported by our Transition Guide has proved to be very successful. Our tools are not only used by the job seekers, but also by our veteran mentors who use the tips and best practices. Also, our onboarding and internal mentoring programs are improving the retention rate of newly hired veterans.

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