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Personal Safety & MochaDad

Personal Safety Expert Cathy Steinberg, Frederick Goodall, Parenting Expert 

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Parents Television Council Tim Winter on Protecting Kids/Paul Lipton's Hour of the Wolf

Tim Winter from the Parents Television council invites everyone to stand up for the innocence of children.

FC9780989091008When Paul Lipton hit his 60s, he had a thriving law practice, a happy marriage and loving children. Still, he found himself lying awake in the late hours of night wondering—is this all there is to life? From this... theHOUR OF THE WOLF, a deeply inspirational book about living “agelessly” and without regrets—no matter if you’re in the prime of your youth or a boomer rediscovering your life’s purpose.

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GRAND Relationships with Shela Dean/Richard Bitner and Visiting Angels

Shela Dean,Relationship Coach, Speaker & Bestselling Author

Richard Bitner with Visiting Angels talks about aging in place and how seniors can stay in their homes with a little help from their friends!
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Rich Food Poor Food Authors/ War of the Roses Author all on GRAND!

Dr. Jayson and Mira Calton talk about the healthy and practical way to eat.

 RICH FOOD POOR FOOD is their new book.
2C1C715CE-B802-9BD7-FF3179E3DFBEA319In the second half of the show Author Warren Adler discusses his 32nd book, a sequel to War of the Roses called War of the Roses - The Children.


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Age Nation...a new way of looking at Aging in Place


George and Sedena Cappannelli say Yes to Change

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He Talks to the Elephants /Army Maguire and Dr Maurie Pressman Discovering who You Are

Conditioned Bahavior as told by a man, Army Maguire, who has trained everything from elephants to gold fish.

img book supermind coverDiscovering and unfolding the human spirt with Dr Pressman this GRAND Magazine Raido Show is one you won't want to miss!

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