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SNL star Victoria Jackson joins Don

Victoria Jackson appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” this week where she told Bill that she believes President Obama is a communist. *Special Operations Speaks held an important rally this week regarding the Benghazi scandal that the administration keeps trying to sweep under the rug.* 

Wayne Dupree  known to most of his several thousands of followers on Twitter as newsninja2012 Wayne is here to discuss his recent participation in the “DC March for Jobs” rally.

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Congressman Mo Brooks with Don Smith

Rep. Mo Brooks, Matt Dentino, and Katrina Pierson on the show!Read More:

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Col. Allen West and Maximum Archery Andy Ross

After a 22 year military career in the United States Army, Col. Allen West entered the battlefield of politics; where he served in the US House of Representatives, but today he’s a Fox News contributo.“Maximum Archery” star Andy Ross will also be back to discuss the role that our constitution plays in making America the greatest nation in history.Author L. Todd Wood will also be here to talk about the current situation in Egypt. Read More:

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Don Smith gets real with Pat Boone


Music legend Pat Boone has always been a true conservative who believes in this country as founded.
Fox News’ Steven Crowder returns to discuss his latest article titled “Liberals Fear of Judgment.”

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Jack Blades from NIght Ranger and LTC Terry Lakin and Marco Ciavolino on standing up to the Obama Administration

0-1Jack Blades from the classic 80’s Rock Band “Night Ranger” Jack Blades discusses his 2008 visit to Guantanamo Bay, his support for our military, and what it’s like to work with Ted Nugent. "Officer's Oath" is a story about courage abd integrity, LTC Terry Lakin and Marco Ciavolino sit down to talk about the end result of standing up to the Obama administration. In addition, Eric Granof is the Managing Director of ExpertBail Network; this week he told us how millions of taxpayer dollars are being wasted on the public bail release program. Of course we also had all the latest political news on this week’s Don Smith Show.

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Don talks with FOX News about the Abortion Doc


4 112013 abortion-clinic-deaths s160x116Don welcomes Fox News contributor Steven Crowder(above) of FOX News to discuss the Dr. Kermit Gosnell  (left )trial.


Do you think big banks should punish companies that manufacture firearms? Don recently interviewed McMillan Group Internationals’ Director of Operations Kelly McMillan to discuss how Bank of America did just that. 

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Charlie Daniels Proud American

Music Legend Charlie Daniels joins Don to discuss Agenda 21.

along with Col Dick Brauer from Special Operations Speaks. Crystal Wright fresh off her visit with Sean Hannity. Morgan Brittany and Ann-Marie Murrell

of all on this Don Smith Show


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Ted Nugent on the 2nd Amendment LTodd Wood on Financial Warfare


In the wake of the recent defeat of the Senate bill proposing stricter gun laws, Ted Nugent weighed in on the Second Amendment. 


Author L. Todd Wood also joined us to discuss the financial warfare.


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A Triple Header on The Don Smith Show

Music legend Pat Boone joins Don, live, to discuss the outrageous comments made during a 2013 Easter sermon that was attended by President Obama and his family. Award winning Author and Editor-at-Large for, Ben Shapiro and Former Department of Justice Attorney J. Christian Adams

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Don Gets to the Point with Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker


This week we sit down with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to talk about how he took a state with a projected $3.6 billion dollar deficit and turned it into a surplus.

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