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Love the Handling of the MX5



Watch a Miata escape a terrifying pile-up while passing 9 cars

 Marc Miller was only a few seconds into the race when, while more than 50 cars converged on a narrow braking zone. And then he got rear-ended and had to avoid cars crashing all around him. It's an incredible video. See it here:

We will talk to Marc on the next Red White and Zoom 

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Let's Give them Something to Talk About, Dean Case, MAZDASPEED Motorsports Communications Officer

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Dean Case ,MAZDASPEED Motorsports Communications Officer is now on his second career with Mazda and like so many enthisiasts has had a life long love affair with the Mazda brand.

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Director of Mazda Motorsports John Doonan puts the Zoom in Zoom Zoom

In our next life let us come back as John Doonan the King of enthusiast racing! We caught John on his way to Paris and the 24 Hours of Les Mans and the celebration of 25 years of the MX-5.

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Mazda/Liam Dwyer

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The face of determination and grace under pressure Mazda racer U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Liam Dwyer did not let the loss of his leg serving his coutry hold him back. Listen to his story and see in in action here

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Red White and Zoom talks with Enthusiast Colin Burgess

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 The results were spectacular when Colin Burgess got help from 44 of his closest (Miata) friends...his proposal went off without a hitch and she said YES!

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The Man behind the Design...Mazda's Director of Design Derek Jenkins


From Surfer to car designer Derek Jenkins keeps his pasions alive by designing YOUR next car. Listen to the story of how a true car enthusiast made his way to the dream job at Mazda.

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