Monday, 25 March 2013 14:45

Don Gets to the Point with Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker

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This week we sit down with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to talk about how he took a state with a projected $3.6 billion dollar deficit and turned it into a surplus.


 Of course we all know the story behind the recall election, but have you noticed how all the “end of the world” predictions by the big unions never came to pass? Governor Walker will also discuss his new initiatives geared at helping Wisconsin veterans, and he pays for it with “real” money, not by taxing the rich or borrowing from China…..what a concept!




Michelle Fields will also be on to talk about her new show “Next Generation.” Together with Col. Allen West, this show focuses on the future leaders of conservatism. If you missed my interview with Col. West last week, you can find it on his website. What an incredible man! In addition, Crystal Wright and Chelsi Henri dispel the media myth that CPAC was just a bunch of old white men. All who were there in person certainly know better.




Speaking of CPAC, it was great to meet Col. Dick Brauer and Capt Larry Baily from Special Operations Speaks, they had a great booth with lots of action around it. And of course, my good friend Quang Nguyen was hard at work as well. 


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