Wednesday, 05 February 2014 21:50

The Still Small Voice A Message of Forgiveness

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Each year we make New Year resolutions to begin again.  We set out to wipe the slate clean; to start over and put the past behind us.  But, how can we do this if we truly haven't let go of the things in our past, or the people that may have caused us hurt or pain.  We really can’t.  If we haven’t truly forgiven those who hurt us, the enemy will always have a stronghold in our lives.

You might not be aware of this, but unforgiveness is one of the things that gives satan his greatest access to us.  The enemy will use unforgiveness to stop you from being all the Lord desires you to be.  I know this, because this is what the enemy was doing in my life years ago.  Oh, didn’t recognize at the time, because I wasn’t aware that unforgiveness was lying dormant in that area of my life.  I never gave it a thought until one day the Lord asked me to do something.  And what He asked me to do cast a spotlight on the unforgiveness that was hiding in my heart.

 I pray that as you listen to this broadcast that any bitterness, or unforgiveness will be destroyed by the power of the Holy Spirit.   

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