Saturday, 20 July 2013 18:50

Congressman Mo Brooks with Don Smith

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Rep. Mo Brooks, Matt Dentino, and Katrina Pierson on the show!Read More:


Congressman Mo Brooks serves Alabama’s fifth district and is a stalwart defender of the American worker. He has been in the fight against illegal immigration from his first day on the hill, working to rally members and constituents in the defense of the rule of law. Congressman Brooks gave an amazing speech at the “DC March for Jobs” rally that took place on Monday of this week, and joins me on the program to talk about the economic impact that the passing of Senate bill S.744 would have on our country, and the American worker.


When Matt Dentino formed the legendary band “Soundgarden” in the 1980’s, he was a true liberal. Having grown up in a household of faithful Democrats, Matt pursued his musical dreams believing in the liberal cause. Then something changed, he realized that he didn’t really agree with his friends on the left side of the aisle. Tune in Saturday at Noon ET to find out how Matt Dentino went from the far left, to becoming a conservative warrior fighting to save America.


Katrina Pierson is a talk show host and leader of one of the biggest Tea Party groups in America. She has appeared on national television and radio stations across the country spreading the message of smaller government and “we the people.” Katrina played a major role in helping Senator Ted Cruz win an amazing upset victory in Texas.


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