Sunday, 05 May 2013 13:39

Jack Blades from NIght Ranger and LTC Terry Lakin and Marco Ciavolino on standing up to the Obama Administration

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0-1Jack Blades from the classic 80’s Rock Band “Night Ranger” Jack Blades discusses his 2008 visit to Guantanamo Bay, his support for our military, and what it’s like to work with Ted Nugent. "Officer's Oath" is a story about courage abd integrity, LTC Terry Lakin and Marco Ciavolino sit down to talk about the end result of standing up to the Obama administration. In addition, Eric Granof is the Managing Director of ExpertBail Network; this week he told us how millions of taxpayer dollars are being wasted on the public bail release program. Of course we also had all the latest political news on this week’s Don Smith Show.



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