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                                                                       WHAT IS THE OPTIMISTIC SPIN?

→ Personal Stories of Public Interest Mike and Liz, both veteran broadcasters, in an informal and personal setting, bring you current stories of real people reaching out and having a positive impact on others. You’ll hear the heart of those people in their own words, on The Optimistic Spin.

→ Restoring Faith in Humanity! With issues that face the public every day, The Optimistic Spin is all about real people reaching out and doing small things and big things that restore faith in humanity, and, reminds us there are still lots of good people out there!

→ An Inspiring Breath of Fresh Air! There are thousands of outlets for the current news of the day - internet, TV and radio. The Optimistic Spin is a haven with feel good stories; the unsung heroes behind the news, inspiring others to reach out with kindness.

→A Break from Depressing News! From terrorism to politics, from racism to violent weather, today’s news details the depressing details every single day. The Optimistic Spin offers a much-needed break; a positive perspective in a seemly chaotic world.

→ Radio Show and Podcast The Optimistic Spin is a one-hour, 6 segment weekend radio show, with 15 minutes of availability for local stations.

For information on adding the show to your station, or to advertise, contact show host and producer, Mike Verdicchio – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 480-243-2156


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Jesse Silva

Former Army Infantry Veteran Jesse Silva is in studio with us to start the new year and celebrate our three year mark.  Jesse deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and bring us a unique and brilliant perspective on warfare, transition, life and death, and the culture of the Warfighter.  With degrees in both Philosophy and Political Science right around the corner, he shares his story and truth with some damn good insights into the self and reflection.  His experience of hiking the Pacific Coast Trail is primal and relatable, the emotions recalled are tangible and real for so many of us.  Start your year off right!

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Best of 2017 Volume 3

From Veterans Day 2017, a very personal, uninterrupted interview with my longtime friend, Paula Pedene, one of the very first VA Healthcare whistle blowers. She tells her story. And by the way, after 37 some years of serving our country and veterans, she is still going strong doing just that, including organizing the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade - the parade she founded 21 years ago. Our podcast is from our weekend radio show.

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Best of 2017- Volume 2

Another edition of the "Best of 2017." The most amazing pizza delivery you've ever heard, and, bikers headed to Sturgis are in the right place and the right time, and save lives!

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Best of 2017- Volume 1

The Best of 2017 - Volume 1 - First, after an all nighter, exhausted firefighters go to breakfast, and guess who pays? Then, an amazing beach rescue; next Allstate finds an old TV ad, and finally he proposed where? And of course, right in the middle of the show, Liz’s Fun Facts!

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Vegas Hero, House Painting, Little Girl writes To Google, Realtor Surprise

More cool stories: In this episode, some real appreciation given to one of the brave Vegas heroes. Next, they all decided to go and paint a house in Kansas, for a very good reason. Then, a little girl writes to Google about her dad’s birthday, and finally, months after the fact, a realtor gets a heartwarming surprise!

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More Than Mowing; Haircuts For Homeless; Costumes For Kids; He’s 95 Years Old

Up first, a college student helping seniors, and, teaching young men to give by cutting lawns, for free! 
Next, Cutting hair on the streets of Philly takes quite an unexpected twist.
Then, the Santa Rosa Police help over a thousand kids, who lost everything, to have a fun night.
And finally, he's 95, and he is inspiring his neighbors every single day.
And right in the middle of the show, Liz's Fun Facts!
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Special Veterans Day episode: First, I talked with Rich Mulder of Liberty Performance Training, former Army officer, graduated of US Military Academy,West Point, served 5 years in the Infantry, earned Bronze Star & Combat Infantryman Badge. Next, A personal interview with Paula Pedene, one of the very first VA whistle blowers. After 37 some years of serving our country she is still going strong doing just that, including organizing the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade - the parade she founded 21 years ago.

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