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Late Night Health Radio offers a unique, entertaining and informative listening opportunity, while providing an upscale active audience for advertisers. Hosted by Mark Alyn, discusses all aspects of health from a consumers point of view.

Late Night Health features healthcare experts from a variety of traditional and alternative healthcare fields. Putting listeners in the driver’s seat of making healthcare decisions, Late Night Health offers diverse topics from experts throughout the world. Guests from around the United States, Australia, Costa Rica, France, Canada and Israel regular share information on Late Night Health.

Late Night Health covers a myriad of health and wellness topics including dealing with diabetes, weight-loss, obesity and cancer to the latest practices in pain management, stress reduction, preventative health care and even how “ObamaCare” affects all Americans.

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The Window To Your Body - MJ Holtz

MJ Holt joins Mark Alyn to talk about Medical Thermal Imaging - The Window To Your Body.

In recent years studies show that radiation from x-rays and other medical devices can be harmful. Mammogram radiation, checking for breast cancer, is one example. The reports and studies indicate the toxic affects of this technology can actually cause breast cancer.

Ask most women and they will tell you that, the test is often uncomfortable or even painful. The breast is compressed, which may lead to the spread of cancer if cancer is evident.

Let's be clear that women should be checked for breast cancer. The normal mammogram is one thousand times more powerful than a regular chest x-ray. One thousand times more radiation! So if the screening is harmful, what should women do? The answer is Medical Thermal Imaging.

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The Empty Nest Syndrome - Moments Robert

The empty feeling when your kids leave your home is a very real thing. Children leaving the nest, growing up and flying on their own is a natural part of life. But there are repercussions many people don't realize and don't prepare for. Without the kids at home it can leave parents (and the kids left behind) a little lonely.

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Is American Healthcare GREAT?

American Healthcare is GREAT...or is it? Recent studies indicate that the American system of healthcare is not what most Americans think it is. Reports show that the United States is the most expensive healthcare system in the world! The quality care ranking for the US is only 37. Surprising, at the top of the list is France followed by Italy.

What's it like to go to the doctor in another country? Is it good, bad or the same as here in the United States? Medical travel has become a cottage industry, with people traveling to different parts of the world to have both elective surgeries (cosmetic) along with treatment for chronic disease. The reason is simple: The American Healthcare system is broken (and needs to be fixed) and the cost is just too high.

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Superwomen – Women of the 21st Century

Look up the stairs – it's mom bringing down the laundry. Flying high late at night it's career woman putting on the final touches of a presentation, instead of sleeping. It's superwomen of the 21st Century!

When it comes to health, women excel in many areas compared to their male counterparts. They live longer, they maintain regular doctor's appointments and they tend to be at lower risk for serious illnesses. But with all the responsibilities and roles women juggle in the quest to be superwomen in today's world, a silent yet pervasive threat may disrupt their clean bill of health: STRESS.

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Poor Teenagers At High Risk for Suicide

Teenagers living at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation have the highest suicide rate in the nation. Until now, the only help came from local efforts. Now authors of "The Chronicles of Ara", Steve Hillard and Joel Eisenberg are helping to fight to stop suicide for teens in the area. The authors have created a new ongoing concern that will inspire the building of arts centers in distressed economic areas.

Pine Ridge is one of the largest reservations in the country. Alcoholism among residents is a continuing problem among those living on the reservation. This dates back to the founding of the reservation in the late 1880s.

Nationally teen suicide is the third-leading cause of death for young people 15 to 24 years of age. This number is growing, especially in poorer communities including Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

One of the best weapons to combat suicide is the introduction of creative endeavors. Studies have shown that art helps students in a number of additional ways. Having creative resources improves grades, standardized testing, and lower drop out rates. Teaching creative expression to students lowers stress and helps to reduce suicide events.

Working with students is not new for Eisenberg, a former special education teacher in Los Angeles. He speaks to writers and filmmakers throughout the country about artistic pursuits. At Pine Ridge Eisenberg will be speaking to thousands of students and share his ideas on the arts, including music, dance, writing, movies and even videogames.

"The Chronicles of Ara" is a fantasy novel, with sequels planned. The novel will be produced as an eight-hour mini series for Ovation TV. The authors are committed to helping the teens at Pine Ridge fight stress and depression, the leading causes of suicide.

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Summer’s Most Infectious Bugs

Whether you are a germophobe or not, no one likes the idea of lurking bacteria. Yes, there are some good bacteria that our bodies need but there are also very harmful bacteria that can be detrimental to our health. New research is showing that there is also seasonality to some of these bacteria that can spike in the summer months.

Sherry Torkos, holistic pharmacist and author of more than a dozen books on natural health and healing says that bacterial infections may stem from something like food poisoning or an urinary tract infection but if not treated properly it can become lethal to your health.

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Create The Perfect Online Dating Profile

When completing the information section that covers personal preferences, the most successful profiles had these traits in common:

  •   Be honest — Don’t lie as you are bound to get caught.
  • Use a positive, upbeat voice.
  •   Describe the things that bring enjoyment to life.
  •    Expand on preferences. Instead of just stating a love for sports, write about which sports and why —    bicycling thru the mountains, taking in a soccer match in Brazil.  When discussing travel, highlight favorite spots visited — taking photos at Machu Picchu, enjoying a cooking class in Italy.
  •  Share hopes and dreams.

Do not bring up former relationships.  Negativity is often a deal-breaker. Finally, don’t leave any questions unanswered.  Take the time to think about the questions and read answers slowly and out loud to get the feel of how the response could be received. To learn more about creating the best online dating profile, visit

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Fetal Stem Cells

Visiting on Late Night Health is William Rader, a former doctor who has spent twenty years researching stem cell therapies. He offers treatment for patients with chronic disease including Parkinson's, some cancers, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Cystic Fibrosis and others.

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Tummy Ache More Than a Minor Problem?

We’ve heard this more and more: good gut health is essential for optimal health and through the use of soil we will be able to solve most of our health issues.
With an up close and personal exposure to herbicide contamination Dr. Zach Bush, a triple board certified physician, became keenly aware that biotech environmental factors are embedded in our soil, water, and the air we breathe. These herbicides can damage tight junctions, the Velcro-like proteins that allow the body to absorb the nutrients it needs and block the toxins it doesn’t.
With a team of scientists and clinicians and through extensive research, Dr. Bush’s team unveiled a communication network of carbon snowflakes. They discovered these are produced by healthy, ancient ecosystems in pristine soils, and serve as an antidote to modern agriculture practices. Much of our current food production is grown in soil without the nutrients once found in dirt!
To help people get their gut health back, Dr. Bush created RESTORE, which is able to act as an antidote to environmental factors by increasing tight junctions to promote a healthy internal firewall which helps create a more resilient system by supporting gut health, respiratory wellness, balanced immune function and enhanced mental clarity.
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Waiting Can Kill You!

Waiting seems to be part of life. We wait in lines at the market or at the movies. We wait about our acceptance into college. And we wait at the doctor's office. And we wait and wait.
Sometimes that wait can be an hour or more. Usually there are no emergencies for that waiting. Another a patient may have been late. Due to insurance and Medicare payments, doctors often overbook appointments to cram in as many patients in a day. These things are common and are a nuisance. These are not life threatening waits.
Here's a waiting story about our guest Michelle Chaffee. Michelle is a healthcare advocate, helping patients navigate our crazy maze of reaching a doctor. Keep in mind that many of Michelle's friends are doctors and other healthcare providers.
After being told she had cancer, Michelle has to wait weeks to see an oncologist. Weeks! What goes through her head are things like is this thing growing fast inside of me? Am I dying? The good news is that Michelle is okay. The waiting for appointments, lab results and even surgery could have killed her. Why do we have to wait so long when the problem is urgent?
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Hitchhiker's guide to the soul: Honesty

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Soul is an evocative collection of the transcendental journeys, spiritual tips and chance encounters that will transform the way you think about your compassion for humanity while bringing deeper meaning in your everyday life.

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Food As Medicine & Summer Time Cravings (Part 1)

Did you know that you could use Food as Medicine? The old saying "You Are What You Eat" has never been truer than it is today. Dr. Keith Kanter, a leading nutritionist and naturopathic physician, says, "Specific food cravings can indicate serious health problems including addiction."

What summer time food cravings indicate and how they affect the brain is what N.A.M.E.D. (Nutritional Addiction Mitigation Eating & Drinking) is all about. Everyone knows that eating a healthy diet makes for a healthier body. Eating healthy also helps people with drug and alcohol addiction recovery by naturally suppressing opiate receptors in the brain.

With nutritional support the N.A.M.E.D. program helps increase the success of addiction recovery while lowering the relapse rate of addicts in recovery. Sugar and gluten stimulate opiate receptors, which increase the craving for abused drugs and alcohol.

The NA.M.E.D. menus are easy to prepare, taste great and feature organic and natural foods. Preparing food using this method can also be less expensive than traditional meals.

Using supplements to enhance the program is also important. Omega 3 fish oil to B-complex and others help to maintain a general healthy lifestyle. Reducing caffeine and getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night is another of the program.

In addition to working with people with addictions, the program also works with patients with mental illness. So now you know that you can use Food as Medicine!

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