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At 30 years old Jon Dotson was involved in a biking accident which left him in a wheelchair. Prior to his accident he was an auto and big rig mechanic for 14 years, specializing in electronic repair. Life changed over night. What would he do for a living, Would he ever find love? Jon's positive attitude and faith is a sotry you will want to hear as well as his interviews with other survivors. John enjoys photography, digital art, working on cars and small engines, wood working, jewelry making, audio editing and playing the baritone sax.  Jon lives in Spanaway WA and has been married for 3 years.  

EXPRESS YOURSELF with Wheelchair Solutions Cool and coordinated Wheelchair accessories.


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A Story of Strength, Triumph and Love

This is an interview I did with my friend Minda Wilson for her show Urgent Care.
I hope you injoy it.
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Rio Paralympics 2016

This is an interview I had with my friend Karen on her Podcast show "The Empowered Patient", about the up coming Paralympics in Rio.

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Les Snyder : Owner of Wheelchair Gear

Les Snyder not only wanted to make a better bag he wanted to make a bag that dident fit the same old mold,
Wheelchair Gear started out of the need for a better way to carry the things we use every day.
The mini packs look good and work great, and it surprisingly holds a lot more than you would think.
There back packs are designed for all wheelchairs with three ways you can attach it to your chair.
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Living An Abled Life With A Disability

My Guest: Ron Dotson Talks about his live after a Syme's Amputation and the pros and cons that came with it.             We also talk about what its like living an abled life with a disability and how people in the world today react to those of us in the disability community.

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The ADA 25 Years: For Better Or Worse

BEN MATTLIN is a contributing editor at Institutional Investor and Financial Advisor magazines, an NPR commentator, and author of Miracle Boy Grows Up: How the Disability Rights Revolution Saved My Sanit y. 
Ben's article  An Act That Enabled Acceptance in the New York Times is a unique look at the ADA on a personal level.
Born in New York City in 1962, Mattlin graduated cum laude from Harvard University in 1984. He lives with his wife, two daughters, a cat, and a turtle in Los Angeles
If you wouls like to contact Ben or follow his writing you can do so at
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Buying the Right Wheelchair

I want to give some insite in to buying the right wheelchair, It all comes down to how it will make you feel, how it looks and how much it coast.
The most important thing to remember is to buy the chair you want and not a chair others want you to have.
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Miracle Boy Grows Up

Ben Mattlin is a contributing editor at Institutional Investor and Financial Advisor magazines, an NPR commentator, and author of Miracle Boy Grows Up: How the Disability Rights Revolution Saved My Sanity.
 His work has appeared in The New York Times, Self magazine, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune,, and many other financial and general-interest publications and Web sites.
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Empowering Amputees

Carrie Davis is the AEP National Coordinator and an Upper Extremity Patient Advocate. She provides peer training for other AEP members, writes articles about limb loss and the power of peer support for local and national publications and personally meets and greets all new Empowering Amputees members.
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Steve Spohn is the Chief Operations Officer and Community Outreach Director for the AbleGamers Charity.
 The AbleGamers Foundation, also known as AbleGamers Charity, is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit public charity that aims to improve the overall quality of life for those with disabilities through the power of video games.
 Video games allow individuals with disabilities to experience situations that may be difficult or limited in the real world, provide social networking opportunities to maintain mental and emotional health, and participate in one of the world's largest pastimes.
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Rise to The Challenge

My guest today is Elizabeth Toumajian Fitness Manager at the Goodwill Fitness Center in Orange County CA. 
At the Goodwill Fitness Center, we believe that every person, regardless of physical disability or health status, can benefit from a comprehensive exercise program.

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