Friday, 12 August 2016 14:17

Virtual World Schools…The Future Of Education Is Now

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I’m so happy you’ve joined our conversation today… parents, I think you and your children will find this topic fascinating and you’re going to want to learn more…we’re talking about school…not traditional school, but a virtual online school, complete with 3D virtual interactive worlds and avatars.

Sounds like something from a futuristic sci-fi movie but it’s here and now.

I truly believe the time has come for us to look at different ways that children learn…and we know that one size education does not fit all.

I’ve worked with many children who struggle in school, and just don’t fit the mold of traditional education. These children are bright and highly creative but have a difficult time sitting at their desk, learning in the traditional ways that school has been taught.

It’s also become evident that today’s children spend much more time on digital devices than in the past. Expecting children to learn as they used to, is not realistic…and does not seem to be working anymore.

We also know that when children are given the opportunity to express their creativity…they come to life…you can just see the creative sparkle in their eyes!

So today, I’ve invited my guest Jennifer Beard to join me as we explore a different approach to education. Jennifer is the Director for Curriculum Development at NOBLE Virtual School. She’s a dedicated and experienced teacher, educational technologist, and professional development facilitator. She is passionate about employing virtual worlds to engage students in learning by harnessing their curiosity and empowering them to think creatively, critically and collaboratively.

Jennifer shares that “the organizing committee of NOBLE Virtual School are educators and parents who want New Opportunities for Better Learning Environments for our students.”

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