Thursday, 18 February 2016 23:06

A Mom Listens to Her Heart…and Changes Her Career for Herself and Her Family.

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Do you ever feel a tug or hear a whisper about life choices that you’ve made? Perhaps a career path that you began in your 20’s, that no longer seems to be a good fit?
On today’s show we’ll be talking about making life decisions, both as a woman and a Mom. We’ve all had to make hard decisions in our lives from time to time. I refer to my guest’s decision as a “heart” decision that she made for herself and her family.

Please join our conversation as I talk with Jody Mack. Jody shares how she made the transition from being a full-time assistant college professor to a full-time professional photographer.
Jody, only within the last few months, decided to leave her chosen career path behind to follow her passion and spend more time with her children.

What are you passionate about? What makes you feel alive? If you’re feeling a tug to make changes in your life, either personally or professionally, take a moment and join our conversation.

Have your priorities changed since you became a parent? I think you’ll relate to my conversation with Jody Mack. Hope you’ll join us!

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