Thursday, 11 February 2016 02:02


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Ever feel guilty about your inner most thoughts as a Mom? I did. Guess what? You’re allowed to feel what you’re feeling and still be a good Mom!

Join me today as Sarah Dunning Park and I have a real conversation about motherhood…we’ll explore the frustrations of motherhood, as well as the joy. Sarah is a mother, wife, and writer who lives in Virginia with her husband and three daughters.

She is the author of “What It Is Is Beautiful: Honest Poems for Mothers of Small Children”. Sarah has found her own voice through poetry. Her gift is in capturing universal experiences of Moms…you may even feel that she’s talking about you. I know I was transported right back to my mini-van, with my four children, when I read her beautiful poem, “Rx”. Honest heartfelt truths about motherhood…no sugarcoating here.

Come join us and know that you’re not alone in your mothering…and learn the importance of hearing your own voice.

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