Wednesday, 22 July 2015 16:21

A Memoir About a Mother’s Love...From Sad to Wondrous

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Recently, I had the privilege of reading a memoir written by a mother.  A mother who experienced unimaginable pain and grief, yet never gave up hope...hope for her son.  Her steadfast hope and faith was not easily shared by her son’s doctors and nurses, and the chance of his recovery seemed to be against all odds.

As mothers, we are never given guarantees...we try hard and we do the best we can.  Often we mother our children with uncertainty, wondering if we’ve made the right choices.  Wondering if we’ve done enough, or if we  could have done more.  We never truly know.  Sometimes faith and hope are all we can hold onto.

My guest today, Pattie Welek-Hall, knows the joy and pain of motherhood.  Pattie is a mother, an author, and host of JOY radio.  Her upcoming book, A Mother’s Dance: One Step Back, Two steps forward, Full circle, is a heartfelt story.  I believe Pattie’s book will be a gift to all mothers, traveling the journey of motherhood.  Although Pattie does not promise mothers an easy journey, she inspires all of us to hold onto our love, hope and faith.  Her ability to do this gave Pattie the strength she needed as a mother, both for herself and her son.

Hope you’ll join us!  

Bonnie Compton, APRN, BC, CPNP
Child & Adolescent Therapist
Parent Coach
Parenting Partners, LLC

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