Wednesday, 27 May 2015 15:04


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Today we’re going to be talking about children as our teachers.  Children are so wise.  We often discount them as teachers.  As their parent, aren’t we supposed to be their teacher, not the other way around?  What could they possibly teach us that we don’t already know?  After many years observing children, both personally and professionally, I believe they too have a lot to teach us, if we’re able to slow down, watch and learn.  When we consciously take the time and observe our children and their own way of being in the world, many lessons can be learned.  I believe our children are able to teach us in a way that no one else possibly could.  The closeness of a parent and child relationship and the many hours spent together, provide many opportunities to touch each other in a way, that no other relationship can.
I’ve invited my guest, Angie Mizzell, to join my conversation.  Angie is a memoir writer, lifestyle blogger and mom of three. She's passionate about helping women live a more authentic life. You can visit her at
I hope you’ll join us!

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