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We all live super busy lives, and we just seem to get busier and busier...this has actually been referred to as the disease of "busyness". Technology has certainly brought many advantages to our lives, but also seems to be robbing us of precious time. Have you ever stopped to wonder how did your life get so busy, perhaps even off track? Life happens for sure, but when we choose how we want to spend our days and our moments, I believe life becomes that much sweeter.
I've invited my guest, Deb Mangolt to join my conversation. We're going to be discussing the importance of living with intention, and creating our lives purposefully. Deb is a Certified Master Coach through the Center for Coaching Certification and a member of the International Coaching Federation. Prior to becoming a Certified Coach, Deb was in the Corporate world with more than 20 years experience as a Finance Manager. Today Deb is dedicated to helping people get the life they desire because she knows the importance of creating a life of fulfillment. She states that your happiness spills over onto every aspect of your life—whether it's career, family or personal time.
She's also co-authored a self-help book entitled "Drink Wine and Giggle (101 ways girlfriends can connect, have fun and be inspired)" and has motivated audiences through her ability to put people at ease and her uplifting message to get the life you deserve.
Stay tuned because at the end of the show, Deb will be offering a free giveaway of her book, "Drink Wine and Giggle"!
Hope you'll join us!

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