Monday, 20 April 2015 01:18


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I recently met a Mom at a parent workshop I facilitated.  She shared with me that she wanted to change the way she had been parenting her daughter...she realized her way was no longer working.  This particular workshop was about how to become a calm and connected parent, based on Hal Runkel’s ScreamFree Parenting.
Often parents say that they don’t scream...but we all scream.  Raising our voices is the most popular version of screaming, but we also scream when we:
  • React emotionally
  • Try to control or manipulate our kid’s behavior
  • Shut down emotionally and disconnect from our children
  • Overfunction or underfunction as a parent
I’ve invited my guest, the Mom from my workshop, to share her story with you...her journey as a mother, wanting to parent her daughter in a different way...I believe a better way.
Hope you'll join us!

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