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Jeff Senour Pilot by day Rock star by night and Podcast host in between.

From the Pentagon to Pearl Harbor and destinations in between, this Pilot by day Rocker by night brings to you Backstage Pass.  As a Commercial Airline Pilot, Motion Picture Film Pilot and Singer/Songwriter, Jeff Senour has always been a Renaissance Man, that person that believed you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it and live your dreams.  From Hollywood blockbuster films as a Screen Actors Guild Pilot, to Singer/Songwriter, Jeff also has always had the gift of music and aviation has been a huge part behind the inspiration of his songwriting.  As the front man of CTS-Called To Serve rock band, they have performed in venues across America inspiring people of all ages to live their dreams.  Jeff now hosts Backstage Pass as a sort of inside look into the lives of incredible people doing amazing things and making a positive impact on this world.  Bringing interesting people behind the scenes in great discussions about how they arrived where they are today. Tune in as Jeff introduces you to some amazing people many of whom you have heard of and some you’ll want to know about.

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Jeremy Parker: Producer / Recording Engineer / Mixer

Jeremy Parker is a Phoenix based audio juggernaut known for making records with some the largest rock bands in the world (Disturbed, Mudvayne, Slipknot, Godsmack). Additionally, Jeremy actively records and develops independent artists. Premier studios in Phoenix, AZ is the primary recording studio that Jeremy works from.

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Valerie Thompson "The Queen Of Speed"

Valerie Thompson on Twitter: "@ValerieThompson collected her ...

Valerie is the “World’s Fastest Female Motorcycle Racer” and an eight-time land speed record holder with membership in the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame, seven 200 MPH Clubs and one 300 MPH Club. In 2018, she piloted the famed BUB 7 Streamliner to a record speed of 328.467 mph (528.616 km/h) and is the only female rider featured on the “World’s Top 10 Fastest Motorcycle Riders” list. She was recently included on the Dealernews “Top 100 Leaders in Powersports” list.


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Good Morning Arizona Anchor Scott Passmore

Scott started anchoring on Good Morning Arizona about six months after the show was started and has been the anchor for 30 years now. Scott graduated with a degree in Radio and Television and quickly got a job in the nation's smallest TV market in Kirksville, MO.

Scott won an Emmy award for his coverage of the L.A. riots. He also has been nominated for an Emmy and has won several local awards for his reporting. Scott also covered some of the more important stories of the last couple of decades, including the O.J. Simpson trial and Oklahoma City bombing.

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Crowd Music

Mike Castronovo Founder & CEO at

Crowd Music is a Music Distribution Company that is driven to bring the Value back to the Music Industry by paying Creatives fairly, as well as paying Music Fans who share and promote their favorite artists, songwriters and bands. What if you could get PAID for sharing music? Artists & Songwriters Get Paid. Music Fans Get Paid. Everybody Wins.

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Let's Ride America

Hubert Rowland is a core part of the Nitro Circus team, Travis Pastrana's mechanic, a stunt man and a world renowned track builder for Nitro Circus, Supercross, Monster Jam, X Games, Global Rally Cross and several other entities.

Kristen Almer is a Sponsorship consultant with 30 years of experience helping corporations, sanctioning bodies, producers, promoters, race team owners, drivers, athletes and influencers

Kristen Almer's 11-year-old nephew died in an ATV crash in 2013. He wasn’t wearing a helmet. “If we can just teach children to put a helmet on their head and we can teach them the importance of safety certification, we know we are going to safe lives. Plain and simple."

Let's Ride exists to help all of us remember the importance of putting safety first in our outdoor activities, especially in the power sports world.  You can learn the principles of safety first - before being forced into a negative life change because of an accident.

Did you know one out of every five all-terrain vehicles fatalities is under the age of 16, 90% of those a child wasn’t wearing a helmet, and 95% percent of them didn’t have a safety certification.


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Dr. Ronald Genova on Emergency Medicine and Covid 19

Dr. Ronald Genova, MD is an emergency medicine specialist in Phoenix, AZ and has been practicing for 32 years. Dr Ron is here to help us all understand what the DR's are doing on the front lines to help people with Covid 19.

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Legendary Guitar Player Michael Bruce of Alice Cooper

Bruce is a founding member, guitarist, pianist, Keyboard, and singer of lead and backing vocals in the original Alice Cooper group. He co-wrote many of the group's hit songs, with some or all of the other members of the group. Bruce has recorded on all Alice Cooper Albums, as well as several solo Albums.

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Tribute to Valor Foundation

Jim Palmersheim and Medal of Honor recipients Gary Littrell are Chairman and vice President of the Tribute to Valor Foundation.  There mission is to Inspire the youth of America to ask themselves “Who am I?” and to answer by reflecting on the six core values of the Medal of Honor.

We accomplish our goals by working with school districts and bringing Medal of Honor Recipients, those who have earned our nation’s highest award for valor in combat, to engage with students through assemblies, workshops, presentations and unique immersive experiences.

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