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Barbara Beach.

Vinny Roc Podcast

Vincent Vargas is a writer and actor, known for Range 15, The Long Way Back (2016), John Came Home and Dads in Parks (2016), and the Drinking Bros Podcast.

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"Echo in Ramadi" Author Scott Huesing in the House!

This is one of the leaders in our community always willing to lend a hand and lead the way! Check it out!

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Talking to my Daughter about her Wrestling Career

We talk about wrestling and my daughters potential future with wrestling and if she is even interested in trying to go to the Olympics.

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With my boy John Hembree and we talk about Life

Good buddy of mine John Hembree from the military stopped by the office today to talk about Life and the crazy direction shits going. Check It Out!

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VA Home Loan Information

My man Billy Beach in the house to talk about VA Home loans and explain the process.  billybeachfinance.com

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Active Shooter - PREPARE for the worst, HOPE for the best.

We talk about the Active shooter in California. This one hit a little closer to home. Either way you cut this, we need to be ready for the worst moment. I rather get my family ready for the worst case scenario. Hard truth..... Banks join me again because I just love his opinions.

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Getting out of the military... When and maybe when not too...

Banks joins me on the podcast again! I get a lot of messages about when is it a good decision to choose getting out of the military. So check out our conversation about some of the views we share. 

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Survivors Guilt

I take some time to talk about how I have dealt with survivors guilt and the frustration of watching guys going through the vicious cycle of drinking to the fallen. https://youtu.be/oqSBHh3sbh0

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Lets talk Heroes Sports

Mike Barker Co-Founder of Heroes Sports joins me on the podcast to talk about Sports and Veterans! Check them out at Heroessports.org

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We talk about the 22 with Vince Rockwell

I believe the concept of "Suicide Awareness" for the Veteran community has past. The world knows... Its now time for Suicide Prevention. But how??? I have some ideas on this.... Check it out!

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The Drinking Culture...

It been the #1 issue in my many years of experience when dealing with Veterans and Struggle. Here is my opinions on the subject. Check it out!

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