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Barbara Beach.

Military Reunion Network Radio Show

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A simple Facebook post

A simple Facebook post from a 91 year old started it all. Award winning film producer, Kyle Olson shares what happened when two World War II Veterans reunited for the first time in 70 years after their inaugural voyage on Navy ship LST-218.  Visit www.lastsignalmovie.com for more information and to get involved.
(photo credit Tracie Hunter)
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A private visit to the USS Arizona

A private visit to the USS Arizona is among the amazing experiences available with RFN Cruise and Tour partner Trafalgar Tours. Cruise industry expert Tony Scoringe shares details of several destinations, discounts and options available for military reunions or veterans sailing on their own.                                                                                         Call Trafalgar Tours 800-626-6603 to discuss itinerary options

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RFN with Kay Summerville

The coolest spot for a military reunion west of the Mississippi!  Kay Summerville with the Plano CVB shares why.

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RFN with Rally Point show host Adam Greenwell

Rally Point show host Adam Greenwell talks about the impact and outcome of veterans connecting with veterans

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RFN with Bob Brower

Bob Brower and the Gamewardens Northwest Association have a cool option for your PNW Reunion  http://gamewardensnw.org/

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Jim Wertman AKA Santa and his 1,600 "reindeer"

Jim Wertman AKA Santa and his 1,600 "reindeer" bring some cheer to Dorn VA Veterans  www.vetsride.org

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We are off to the Emerald City!

Meagan McGuire with Seattle Southside CVB explains why Seattle is such a great reunion destination....even if it rains sometimes.

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Badges, Newsletters and Coins Oh My!!

Kris Oswald show

Kris Oswald of Sound Business stops by RFN Radio to share some cool tips about purchasing items for your reunion and sending out reunion newsletters. Kris is the Reunion Friendly Network preferred partner for all things logo, print and mail.   She is informative, sensitive to budgets of all kinds and extremely professional.
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Hello Knoxville!!

Knoxville Gay Stree-Bruce McCamish credit 2

Knoxville is filled with cool things to see, places to stay and cuisine to try.  Tammy Ivey with the Convention Visitor Bureau and Robin Holbrook with the Holiday Inn Worlds Fair Park share their favorites....including a local favorite, the Cereal Bar.
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