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How to Call a UFO on Your Cell

The gang talks to Dr. Bob Gross about a classified NASA project to send Native American astronauts to Mars. British author Neil Geddes-Ward teases his upcoming book about faeries in Great Britain. Raven reports on another haunted painting. Also, the tale of a 50-foot-woman, taking pictures of shadow people, getting phone calls from the dead and Top 10 reasons the gang might not be invited back to the Exeter UFO Festival next year.

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The Day Mick Jagger saw a UFO

The gang talks about a variety of topics including their recent appearance at the Exeter NH UFO Festival & the upcoming Mothman Festival. Also, Switch drops in to say hello, celebrities who’ve seen UFOs and the Top 10 Reasons Mack has a beard.

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How to Live in a Haunted House

The gang goes full ghost mode, discussing the dos and don’ts of dealing with someone from the afterlife. Also, Clubb tells the amazing story about breaking into a haunted house as a kid only to learn years later the house has a connection to someone else on the show. Plus, what happens during a real exorcism, Raven on “the madness of two”, and the Top Ten Reasons Juan-Juan could be thrown out of the UK. Special guests, Valerie Lofaso & Mary Beth Parkinson. 

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This Means War!

The gang plays World War 2 trivia again for fan prizes and to honor the military charity, Homes For Our Troops. Why didn’t U.S. Marines fight on D-Day? What was the “Aluminum Trail?” What was the name of Hitler’s dog? Need to know: The Manhattan Project was the name of the program to create the first atomic bomb. Special guests:  Literary agent Jim Frenkel, Gamemaster Phil Orbanes & General Tom Landwermeyer (U.S. Army, ret).

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Top 10 Jokes About The KGB

With the help of spy historian Phil Orbanes, the gang takes a very deep dive into the late, much-feared Soviet intelligence agency that was actually more Keystone Cops than James Bond.  Also, Raven presents more Cursed Films & the free giveaway of Mack’s new book, “The God Satellite” continues. Special guest, literary agent Jim Frenkel.

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Top 10 Strangest Wars Ever

In the most requested show of the year, the gang presents a list of the most bizarre wars ever. Was World War One fought over a secret recipe for Coca-Cola? Did Canada & Denmark go to war over a bottle of schnapps? Why did Spain & Peru go to war over an island covered with bird guano? Also discussed:  a ventriloquist’s doll created in a WW2 German POW camp that survived the war but haunted anyone who touched it afterwards, the disturbing and creepy “Pacing Man” video, Top 10 Reasons Juan-Juan is moving to the UK and why Prince Charles needs a new pair of glasses.

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Even Stranger Things…

The gang recounts some of the strangest things that have ever happened to them. UFO Mechanic Al Renaldo tells the chilling story of talking to his deceased father. Mack & JJ see ghosts. Raven explains why her house is so haunted. Plus, Top Ten Reasons why Juan-Juan has not been thrown out of the UK yet and the contest for a free copy of Mack’s new book continues.

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What is ‘The God Satellite?

It’s a full house as the gang gathers a panel of experts to talk about the Top 10 scariest movies ever. Also, more on the Scareships, Top 10 Reasons Raven Gets Mad at Mack, plus a free book giveaway for Mack’s new novel, “The God Satellite.” Special guests include: The Black-Eyed Kid, Authors Marc Zappulla & Jason Hewett, Literary Agent Jim Frenkel & the Mysterious Ashley G.

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