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Are 50,000 Extraterrestrials Living in New Mexico?

The gang welcomes two special guests:  WW2 researcher Tony Cisneros talks about The Lost Heroes of St Vith and UFO Grandmaster Norio Hayakawa explains why people want to believe 50,000 ETs are living in a mountain in New Mexico.  Also, Raven gives a bun update and show security chief Willy Clubb reveals some unusual perks of his job.

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Oh! Canada!

In a very special broadcast, the gang welcomes five Canadian super- fans to the show with unpredictable results. Topics include Canadian Lake Monsters, the Shag Harbour UFO incident, Top 10 Reasons why it’s Cool to be Canadian, the allure of ketchup potato chips and why cops in Canada still ride horses.

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Mack goes remote with less than stellar results. Guests include author Jim Hamilton on how to survive an airplane crash and Thom Reed, expert on the bizarre Berkshires UFO incident.  Plus, Raven explains why she was asked to stop bringing her mummy books to school. Special guest: Willy Clubb.

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How the Incredible Human Doughnut Won the War

 In a show devoted to World War Two and those who fought it, by popular demand the gang competes in another WW2 trivia contest. What was the deadliest bombing raid of the war? Where was the Bridge Too Far? Who fought in the largest tank battle in history?  Who was the Man Who Never Was? Special guests:  Jim Frenkel, Tony Cisneros,  author Gary Olsen and MC Phil Orbanes.

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The Search for South Detroit

 In another Musical X-Files, the gang talks to three singer-songwriters about the stranger aspects of their careers. Includes what to do when you get a pick-up truck instead of an engagement ring, the mystery of Chuck Berry’s missing ding-a-ling and how not to write a song about Juan-Juan.

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Don’t volunteer for anything ….unless you want to win the war!

Lt. Col. Jay Zeamer and his Eager Beavers were a B-17 bomber crew stationed in Australia and New Guinea in 1942-43. So named for Zeamer’s constant volunteering for missions, and his crew's happiness to oblige him, they served during the crucial early period in the war in the southwest Pacific, defending Australia from invasion by the Japanese before pivoting to take the offensive against Japan. As a result The Eager Beavers were the most decorated bomber crew of the War.

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Real Life Ghost Cop

The gang talks to retired police officer Jocko Johnson about paranormal incidents he witnessed   while serving with the New York City Police Dept, including talking to a deceased woman in a Bronx cemetery and how a ghostly 911 call led him and his partner to save a family of five from burning to death.  Also, Vic the Wop, who plays Captain Kirk on the Star Trek Continues series, reveals how he gets his hair to look just like William Shatner’s. Also, Top Ten Worst Sci-Fi Cop Movies. Special guests: UFO comedian Phil Yebba, famous author Marc Zappulla and The Black-Eyed Kid.  Warning: Contains Adult Content.

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I’m Poptarticus!

 Controversy reigns as the gang plays a World War 2 trivia contest for a lucky winning fan.  Also: a report on a UFO that had bat-like wings, Top 5 things Switch would have for breakfast if he lived in Ancient Rome, an argument about Popeye’s military career, Juan-Juan admits he once had a rat’s tail haircut and Raven "goes bun." Special guests: Game show MC Phil Orbanes and former US Army remote viewer, Bill Ray.

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