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The Mystery of the Six Photos

The gang talks to UFO researcher & disco dance king Paul Dale Roberts about six mysterious photographs he saw while working for a classified unit in the U.S. Army. Hollywood author Gary Olsen talks about early sci-fi movies and little-known sci-fi TV shows. Also, Mack answers 10 questions he wasn’t asked on Coast to Coast, more tales from the Skinwalker Ranch & Security Chief Willy Clubb reads the gang’s latest fan mail. Special Guests: Ella the Psychic & UFO Mechanic Al Renaldo. 

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Dreaming of Green Fireballs

The gang presents a Greatest Hits show. Segments include Top 10 UFO Myths, the Mystery of the Green Fireballs and what dreams might mean for you and your sex life.  Also, adult-themed outtakes, blooper ads and JJ tries to sing “Mack The Knife.” Special Guests: Jill Hanson & Lois Lane. 

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Strange Sounds from Nowhere

The gang discusses unexplained sounds people have been hearing around the world for centuries. Vic the Wop calls in with the latest on his series, Star Trek Continues. Cobra explains ten military sayings that have entered civilian life. Also, why winged cryptids rarely use their wings to fly. Plus, Raven recovers from oral surgery, Clubb advises Switchy on how to vacuum his wig and Juan-Juan models his new Rolling Stones attire, autumn edition.

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Something About Mary

The gang tackles the controversial subject of Marian Apparitions, instances in which tens of thousands of witnesses have seen visions of what they believe is the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.  Also, researcher & broadcaster, Paul Eno on the paranormal & the afterlife.  Plus, a surprise visit from Raven’s father, Switchy’s new wig, and security chief Willy Clubb reads the gang’s fan mail.

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Disclosing the Disclosure

The gang talks with researcher Dr. Bob Gross as he tries to make some sense of the U.S. Government’s recent disclosure report on UFOs. Also, the story of a pigeon that saved 2,000 Allied soldiers’ lives in World War Two.  Plus, the Physics of Buns, why Mack still thinks “ET” is a terrible movie and Switch admits he ate an energy bar for breakfast. 

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Cops & UFOs

In a special show, the gang recounts bizarre UFO incidents that involved the police. Also, the winners for the 2nd World War Two trivia contest are announced. Plus, ghoulish secrets of the NYPD and details about Raven’s award-winning Halloween costume. Special Guest:  NYPD veteran, Jocko Johnson.

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Angels in Wartime

The gang gets together for a special show about sightings of ghosts and angels in times of war. Incidents discussed include a World War Two era radio that still broadcasts news from the front, ghost planes spotted flying over Great Britain, an account of a giant angel preventing Japanese warplanes from bombing an undefended town and reports of ghosts haunting US troops in Afghanistan.  Special guest: Willy Clubb.

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The Yo-Yo Show

Cobra sits in for Mack with a shoyw full of military techniques and anecdotes. UFO researcher Mary Joyce discusses NASA "whistle blowers.” Switchblade Steve Ward talks about the upcoming Mothman Convention in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Special guests, Empath Valerie Lofaso and musician Matt Malley.


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