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Even The Devil was an Angel Once…

The gang talks with Sylvia McKelvey, author of “Storm on the Horizon: The New Age, UFOs, and the Cosmic Christ,” about the spiritual connection between angels, devils and aliens. Also, Raven tells Coco his fortune, reveals that he has a sensitive tarot card. Plus, a report on the Pope and a mysterious bottle of scotch. Special guest: Lois Lane.

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Have We Found Heaven On Earth?

In a special show, the gang talks about Mack’s book, “Beyond Area 51, The Mysteries of the Planet's Most Forbidden, Top Secret Destinations.” Segments include reports on Shadow People, Flying Humans, UFOs & the Knights Templar, the Navy’s Area 51, the Hurricane Bomb and a place in Russia scientists believe may be “Heaven on Earth.” Special Guest: Superagent Jim Frenkel

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The Strangest War Ever Fought

The gang talks with ex-NYPD/paranormal investigator Jocko Johnson about how the Australian Army lost a full-scale war against 50,000 six-foot-tall flightless birds known as Emus and how battle tactics used by the creatures sealed the final victory. Plus, 10 Questions for Jocko, more horror stories about growing up in Boston, Clubb reads the latest fan mail & Mack reveals how he became best friends with John Travolta. Also, the free show swag giveaway continues. Special Guest: Lois Lane. 

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Angels, Devils & the Mystery of Ong’s Hat

The gang talks to Bishop Ron Feyl-Enright about what’s really happening when people experience visions of the Virgin Mary.  Also, a report on a mysterious ghost town in the middle of New Jersey called Ong’s Hat. Plus, ten technical questions for Coco, finding out what’s inside America’s National Quiet Zone,  Raven cooks the brain of UFO Mechanic and the free MMMX swag giveaway continues. Special Guest: Lois Lane 

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Nuclear Wars in Ancient Times

The gang discusses scientific evidence recently unearthed in India & Pakistan that suggests a nuclear war was fought there 3,000 years ago. Also, Switch reports on a man who heard alien voices coming from his welding torch. Plus, Raven reads Clubb's fortune & Lonely Larry complains about a deadbeat friend. Special Guest: Lois Lane. 

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How To Get a Trombonist Off Your Front Porch

In a special musical episode, the gang talks to Brian Dunne, drummer extraordinaire for Hall & Oates and the TV show, “Darryl’s House.”  Plus, Dr. Bob Gross on his involvement in “Operation Pink Noise,” a secret project to make musical CDs sound “muddy.” Also, ex-NYPD investigator Jocko Johnson on the murder of rock star Bobby Fuller, who died after being forced to drink five gallons of gasoline.  Special Guests:  Producer Chris Billias & Lois Lane.

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Does Area 52 Exist?

The gang talks about unusual secret bases around the world, all of which have histories of UFO activity. Also, the story of a man who found aliens growing in his backyard. Plus, the Mystery of Boscombe Down, how the KGB investigated UFOs and who was Major Mudd?

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The Case of the Battered Police Car

The gang talks to show contributor Jocko Johnson about a mysterious collision involving a Minnesota policeman and “something” that hit his patrol car, resulting in  damages so bizarre even the Ford Motor Company couldn’t explain them. Also, Coco on the many different shapes of UFOs, the story of World War Two’s Ghost Bomber and Top Ten names for the gang’s new rock band. Plus, Raven relives her frightening Ouija Board story.

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