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The Devon UFO Mystery

The gang discusses a bizarre case where British police cornered a UFO only to have the British military tell them to let it go. Also, real-life action adventure star, Chris Ahr talks about his new job as an undercover “fish cop.” Plus, the Popeye controversy rages on and a discussion about bralettes. 

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What Happens The Day the UFOs Finally Arrive?

The gang talks to author Dr. Simeon Hein about how a real government “Disclosure” would work. Paranormal researcher Jason Hewett tells the bizarre story of “The New Jersey Watcher.” An extremely creepy video from Mexico emerges that shows dogs barking at extraterrestrial ghosts, plus Super Fan Susan Kauppila joins the show.

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Tales of the Bread Ghost, the Death Chair, Vanishing UFOs & More

In a total creep show, the gang discusses topics including a ghost haunting a local supermarket, a chair that kills anyone who sits in it & the dangers of drinking expired beer & pickled eggs at the same time. Plus, a visit from an Irish super-fan & a report on the U.S. Government’s latest attempt to make UFOs “disappear.” (Warning: contains mature content.) 

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What was the Best Kept Secret of World War Two?

The gang plays World War 2 trivia again for fan prizes and to honor the military charity, Homes For Our Troops. Why didn’t U.S. Marines fight on D-Day? What was the “Aluminum Trail?” What was the name of Hitler’s dog? Need to know: The Manhattan Project was the name of the program to create the first atomic bomb. Special guests:  Literary agent Jim Frenkel, Gamemaster Phil Orbanes & General Tom Landwermeyer (U.S. Army, ret). 

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If a Nuke Goes Off in Space, Does it Make a Noise?

Dr. Bob Gross joins the gang to discuss “Project Galileo,” Harvard University’s unorthodox search for extraterrestrial life. Also, fan mail questions for Commander Cobra, “Top Ten Reasons Switch Missed the Show” and how musicians might travel a few seconds in the future when playing a song. Plus, discussions on the gang’s “Physics in a Barroom” experiment continue. 

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Top 10 Complaints About The Show

In a highly requested show, the MMMX-Files’ gang is joined by super-fan Jocko Johnson to discuss topics including nuclear suicide missions once planned by U.S. Special Forces and how to solve a cold case in 30 minutes. Plus: Top 10 complaints about the show; Switch explains the secrets of dousing and Coco on how to escape three dangerous situations in less than five minutes. Also, very famous author Marc Zappulla announces a new deal he and Mack have signed to co-author a true crime book. Special Guest: Lois Lane. 

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The Show of Lists

In a special requested show, the gang does two hours of Top Ten lists, including Top 10 Cryptids, Top 10 Airplanes Too Weird to Fly, Top 10 NASA Conspiracies – and Top 10 reasons Juan-Juan likes Downton Abbey. Also discussed: How not to film a movie on an aircraft carrier, why Tom Cruise insists that when he runs in a movie, no one else can run beside him and why it’s always wise to take the Ping and not the Pong. Special guest: Ella the Psychic.

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UFOs & The Irish

When a scheduled guest interview falls through, the gang takes aim on the Emerald Isle. Switch on Captain Edward Ruppelt, the USAF officer who ran the notoriously-deceptive, Project Blue Book. Jocko reports on a combat phenomenon called “Acoustic Shadow” and how it helped win the Battle of Gettysburg. Plus, the latest Clubb Report, Mack gets a nasty fan letter, Top Ten Reasons It’s Cool to Be Irish and why it’s not wise to kiss the Blarney Stone. Special Guests: Valerie Lofaso & Pistol O’Pete.

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