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Return to a Place called Machrihanish

In a highly requested episode of a special UK-centric broadcast, the gang is joined by RAF expert Ross Sharp to discuss one of the most secret bases in the world. Also, five good reasons to hate British food, proof The Beatles were created in a laboratory and the Question of the Week: Would you ride in a supersonic fighter plane even if heavy vomiting was involved? Special Guests: Willy Clubb, Winona Raven & UFO Mechanic, Al Renaldo. 

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Return of the Scareships

In a special “All About Switch” show, the gang discusses strange UFOs that haunted England just before World War One.  Also, the story of the Flatwoods Monster, West Virginia’s “Mystery Hole,” how Switchblade Steve got his nickname and Raven reveals she ran a detective agency when she was nine years old.

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The UFO Pancake Mystery

The gang welcomes Brother Paul Santoro, renowned chef and Franciscan monk, to discuss what will happen to the world’s religions if life is discovered elsewhere in the Universe. Raven reports on one of the most cursed movies ever, “The Wizard of Oz.” Switch tells the story of the crew of a UFO who stopped on Earth just to get some pancakes. Jocko reveals what “Chicken in Pajamas” really means.

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Did Anything Really Happen at Roswell?

On the 75th anniversary of the famous UFO “crash,” the gang discusses exactly what was found at the debris site and asks questions such as: Why would a UFO have rope on board? Also, Lonely Larry with Five Questions for Raven, more Cursed Movies and two songs about Roswell from Johnny Cobb and Mack’s band, Sky Club. Special guest: Dr. Bob Gross.

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The Star Jelly Mystery

The gang welcomes two super-fans to the show for discussions on mysterious substances falling from the sky and ways Cobra can better protect his farm. Switch talks about life inside the Mothman Universe, the Clubb Report explores the connection between UFOs and the long-awaited launch of the James Webb Telescope, plus the story of a German POW who witnessed an extremely bizarre UFO landing. Specials guests: Mike Smith, Doug Daniel and famous author, Marc Zappulla.

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Coco-palooza Redux!

It’s all about Commander Cobra in this highly requested  special replay show, including 20 questions the gang has always wanted to ask CC, why comedian Robin Williams was a dick, how many Dallas Cheerleaders can you fit inside a helicopter and how not to vomit while airborne. Also, the beginnings of the on-going & usually heated debate on whether Popeye was in the US Navy or the Coast Guard. Plus, Switch explains how he had rum for breakfast & then suddenly shaved off his beard. 

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How to Buy a Haunted House

The gang welcomes back Switch with a special show. The Mysterious Ashley G explains how best to buy a “quaintly bedeviled” property. UFO investigator/Disco King Paul Dale Roberts reveals how he found five top-secret UFO photographs belonging to the CIA. Raven reports on people in a French city who wouldn’t stop dancing until they dropped dead.  Juan-Juan continues his assault on the British Empire.

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The Most Haunted Ship in the Navy

The gang discusses some disturbing aspects surrounding the haunting of the Navy's aircraft carrier, USS Hornet. Also, Clubb reports on the latest congressional hearings on UFOs, Top Ten Black-Eyed Kid pick-up lines and Raven sees a ghost. (Warning: Adult Content.)

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