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Barbara Beach.

SOFA Speaks Special Operations For America


 Gary Stubblefield, Chairman of Special Operations For America and a 20+ year military veteran welcomes you to SOFA! SOFA is a Super PAC dedicated to recruiting, supporting, and getting military veterans elected into the House and Senate at the Federal Level. Just a few decades ago, many of our representatives had military experience and even full military careers before going into politics; whereas now only a minority percentage do. These earlier veterans understood national defense, security of our nation, and how to advise the government administration and departments on strategic and tactical considerations. They understood the value of keeping our promises with our military men, women, and families. We need to reinfuse our nation's military heroes back to elected offices in DC to strengthen our vital interests. If you wish to learn more about SOFA, please visit our website at SOFORAMERICA.org. And now let's begin today's program




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SOFA with Capt Joe John

Joseph R John, USNA ‘62 is Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC


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SOFA talks with Drs Jerry and Nancy Jaxx about the ebola virus

Experts on ebola and as seen on FOX TV the Drs Jaxx talk about what we can do and what our government should be doing.

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SOFA with Robert Mazur

Undercover Agent Robert Mazur’s book "The Infiltrator: My Secret Life Inside the Dirty Banks Behind Pablo Escobar's Medellin Cartel" reveals his life under cover and the sacrifices it took to make such a huge splash on behalf of justice!

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SOFA with Steven Lee

Steven Lee talks about patriotism and giving back to those who have served.

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SOFA with Mike Adams

Mike Adams from Farm Journal radio gives a unique perspective on the heartland and how agribusiness impacts the economy and politics.

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America Needs Leaders Special Show including Dinesh D'Souza,Barry Goldwater Jr,Frank Vernuccio,Minda Wilson

Never has an election been more important or has our country been more in need of real leaders. Listen as Gary  talks to Minda Wilson on the real coast of Obamacare and how it rips services away from our seniors (NO PROSTATE CANCER SURGERY ,HEART VALVE REPLACEMENTSor MAMMOGRAMS if you are over a certain age). Gary and Frank Vernuccio blow the lid off the exposure America now has to foreign powers with the lack of leadership in the White House. Long time Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr talks about the critical importance Military Experience  has in leadinging the country and New York Times bestselling autor Dinesh D'Souza talks about how Obama is winning at his agenda of socializing America.

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SOFA talks to Little Anthony

Recently featured on the cover of GRAND MAgazine "Little" Anthony Gourdine is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artist who has been entertaining people for decades. Anthony is also a Military Historian and a Patriot and he talks to Gary about what needs to happen to get our country on track.

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SOFA talks to Warren Markowitz

Warren Markowitz is the Producer and Host of Politically Incorrect, the Warren Markowitz Show, a practicing Attorney, former Wall Streeter, lecturer, author and active independent political voice.

Warren has advised a diverse group of clients through his legal and consulting practices including domestic and international financial institutions and medical and recreational marijuana operators in dealing with federal, state and local regulatory and oversight bodies.

Since 2012, Warren has openly discussed with his listeners the events of the world without the rose colored glasses commonly found in traditional media, and in doing so has extended his no holds barred perspective to audiences throughout Europe and Asia as well as the US and Canada.

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SOFA talk to Robert Shaines

"Secrets, In a Time of Peace," is Robert A. Shaines' second book.  The book is a riveting story of nations trying to keep nuclear weapons from the control of various terror groups and at the same time trying not to alarm the world's population of the impending horror should they fail in their mission.

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