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Teresa Kindred of


Teresa Bell Kindred is a former teacher with a master's degree
in Secondary Education. She is the author of several books inluding
"Mom;PhD: Leadership Skills for moms." She iis married and has 5 grown
children and 5 grandchildren. Her blog,, began shortly after
the birth of her first grandchild. NanaHood is a place for parents and
grandparents to share in the joy of children.

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Susan Good - Honey Good


Honey good

All the good things in life are... at Honey Good

Devoted wife, mothere and grandmother (AKA Honey) Susan has brought her years as a talented writer blogger to a universe of moms and grandmoms and shares generousely with her viewers. Susan and her husband Shelly are also involved with Gary Sinise and his Wounded Warrior campaign.

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Grand Magazine with Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating and Rene Ficek

 Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating is a family-owned, Illinois-based company that offers a convenient no-gimmick approach to healthful eating. The meal program is scientifically designed, tested and has 30 years of proven results. The company was founded in 1985 by Seattle Sutton (RN, BSN) to help address patients' needs to lose weight or address other health issues, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and obesity.  All SSHE menus are analyzed and revised on an ongoing basis and adhere to the most current recommended dietary guidelines.  SSHE prepares tens of thousands of healthy, delicious meals weekly and its innovative approach has helped thousands of people achieve and maintain weight loss without the planning, shopping or cooking for themselves.  

Rene Ficek is SSHE’s registered dietitian and lead nutrition expert. Ficek oversees various aspects of menu development, ensuring each SSHE meal complies with USDA and FDA “healthy regulation guidelines.” In addition, she educates management staff on specialized “diets,” researches and implements new nutrition guidelines and provides nutrition education to clients.  

More information at or 1-800-442-DIET (3438).


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GRAND and The Pop Up's: They are popping up all over the United States and with a Grammy Nod for best Children's Album The Pop Up's entertain children in a most delightful way!


 The band's debut album was Grammy-nominated and their new album has already been featured in press outlets 10540402 826523730690957 3431250597664702771 nsuch as the New York Times, NPR, the Huffington Post, Parents, and many popular kids publications. The first single from their new album has already hit #1 on Sirius XM's Kids Place Live and was performed live on Sprout, NBCUniversal's family channel, available in over 60 million homes.
Songs focus on imaginative play, puppet making, shapes, dance, and more. Each song has an educational component and the band has delved deep into the educational benchmarks in today's school systems to integrate these lessons into their songs.
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Grand Magazine with Bill Ratner

UnknownFrom how to deal with cyberbullying to the strange, true stories behind Barbie and G.I. Joe, media insider Bill Ratner takes an inside look at our wired-up world in a fascinating book—part memoir, part parenting guide—for the digital age. Landing his first job in advertising at age fourteen, Ratner learned early that the media doesn't necessarily have our best interests at heart. His career as one of America’s most popular voiceover artists and his life as a parent and educator gives readers a first-hand look at the effects of digital media on children and what you can do about it

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Grand Magazine with Jay Fitter

book-cover-fullJay Scott Fitter MFT has two decades' experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist, and is a popular parenting workshop leader, speaker, and the author of a new book, Respect Your Children: A Practical Guide to Effective Parenting Find the family answer man here....

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From Surfaris to Christian Rock... Jay Truax

Unknown-1Jay Truax  performed with the Surfaris for 20 years  and went on to be
 one of the founders of the Christian rock band "Love Song". They were the ones who created Christian rock music back in the sixties and still perform today. They were hippies playing rock and roll who then became Christians and wrote many Christian rock and roll songs.


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Grand Magazine Learns about Tolerance with 8 year old Natalija Bajlo


 Eight-year-old Natalija Bajlo  heard and saw things that might just sail over the heads of other kids her age. She wrote a story about being able to be friends with and even marry anyone you want, and not judge them by what they look like, but what is inside.  She set the story in the animal kingdom, led by a goose named Burue, whose job it was to administer the rules of the kingdom: Tell the truth, be kind, and share...but he just couldn’t wrap his beak around the last one:  A goose shall only marry a goose...especially since he kind of had a thing for a parrot named Kimiko.  So KING BURUE CHANGES THE RULES is the story of his journey to find out the reason behind that last rule.

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Grand Magazine 11 Teens Die From This Daily


More deaths are caused by texting and driving… ELEVEN TEENS A DAY are dying!

"Our nation is in the midst of a safety crisis when it comes to distracted driving."
Drive Alert is the remarkable and potentially lifesaving cell phone app that prevents your child from texting, calling, or browsing on their cell phone when they are in a moving vehicle. Click here to learn more


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Grand Magazine Keeping Peace in the Streets

Imagine hearing the voices and seeing images through a child's eye when it comes to world peace. This is the vision of Carole Sumner Krechman,Chairman of an organization and festival that bring young filmakers to the United Nations,


The Peacemaker Corps Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity dedicated to teaching children around the world how to make Peace in the Streets. PCA is a United Nations NGO with ECOSOC status TO learn more follow this link:7

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Seattle Sutton on Nutrition and Weight Loss

.logoIt was worry for her father's health that prompted a young Seattle Sutton to focus on nutrition. A career in nursing cemented hwer concerns for people's health...especially the overweight.  She started a small family business which now is coast to coast in serving fresh made meals that are delivered to clients front doors. These nutrition and calorie balanced meals are also made to be delicious so the folks using the plan do not go through the typical yo yo dieting.

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