Tuesday, 10 December 2013 10:04

International Expert Dr Steve Kaplan talks about Patient Empowerment

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kaplans-1Dr. Kaplan joins Grand Magazine Radio today to share how a patient or patient advocate can empower themselves with the powerful new service provided by Medivizor.  This service enables to the patient to focus on the specific disease or condition that they suffer from while information is delivered to them from medical experts around the world.

Dr. Kaplan is an internationally recognized leader in both the diagnosis and teatement of male and female voiding dysfunction.  This includes BPH, unirnary incontienence, neuroginic bladder and prostatitis.   He works together with other physicians at one of the most comprehensive care facilities in the world - the renowned New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Conrel Medical Center.   All Weill Conrell Physicians are committed to delivering outstanding medical care with compassion and concern for each patient.  They are part of the Weill Conell's 100 year old tradition of excellence in academic medicine.  Weill Conell Physicians are academic leaders responsible for many health restoring medical breakthroughs and advances.Click to Connect with Medivizor


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