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Kay Ziplow is a mother of one and grandmother of two and has been married for 36 years. She is a female partner in the largest title insurance company for over 20years. 
Leslie Zinberg
has t
wo fabulous sons, two grandchildren ages 3 and 7, one marriage (46 years)
and is the owner of
 Leslie Zinberg Interiors,
having been an
 interior designer for over 42 years
. Leslie has
 co-written three books: THE PINK AND BLUE BABY PAGES (parenting up to 24 months) and THE PINK AND BLUE TODDLER PAGES (parenting from 24-48 months); and with Kay, LIFE WITH A SWINGER (about what it is like to be married to a professional golfer). Am now co-writing a book on MINDFUL GRANDPARENTING.
These friends of more than 15 years joined to do a book project for the PGA Tour. After writing the book they traveled, interviewed, did national book tour,TV specials  and then spent two years developing g which talks about being current- having fun with the children and their lives, and being mindful of our time spent here on earth.

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