Friday, 03 October 2014 13:04

Grand Magazine Learns about Tolerance with 8 year old Natalija Bajlo

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 Eight-year-old Natalija Bajlo  heard and saw things that might just sail over the heads of other kids her age. She wrote a story about being able to be friends with and even marry anyone you want, and not judge them by what they look like, but what is inside.  She set the story in the animal kingdom, led by a goose named Burue, whose job it was to administer the rules of the kingdom: Tell the truth, be kind, and share...but he just couldn’t wrap his beak around the last one:  A goose shall only marry a goose...especially since he kind of had a thing for a parrot named Kimiko.  So KING BURUE CHANGES THE RULES is the story of his journey to find out the reason behind that last rule.

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