With with Greg and Marleen

Welcome to Flavors with Greg and Marleen! Your one-stop location for all your culinary news, reviews and ideas. We are the FUN in the kitchen. We are food enthusiasts that have a true passion for food!

We love and enjoy everything with food, and the preparation! During our shows, we will showcase and talk about the following:

- Your Best Recipes, Nationally and Internationally
- Reviews on top Recipe Books
- Interviews with Chefs, Authors, and pioneers of this industry
- Offer Kitchen tips and techniques for when you’re in the kitchen
- And share innovative ideas so we can keep our time in the kitchen exciting and fun.

We want to be your go-to site people for anything kitchen! When you want to eat something different, maybe try some new dishes out of our Recipe Books we review, and to learn techniques that make you look like a master chef with your family and friends, make sure to tune in on our show EVERY SUNDAY from Noon – 1 PM.

To visit our business, see and download our recipes, see more of our reviews, and for a more detailed look at what we do, visitFlavorisEverthing.com for more information!

"If life were predictable, it would seize to be life, and be without Flavor." 

- Eleanor Roosevelt

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