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Living An Orgasmic Life

Xanet Pailet is a former New York City health care lawyer who lived in a sexless marriage for over two decades. After experiencing her sexual healing and awakening in 2011, she transitioned her career into a full-time sex and intimacy coach, writer, blogger, and teacher. She works with individuals and couples to empower them around their sexuality and strengthen relationship and intimacy skills. 

Author Xanet Pailet “I wrote this book because I am passionate about helping individuals who feel broken reclaim their sexuality and their pleasure, and transform their lives. I want women and men who are struggling with sex to understand that help is available and that they can have healthy, passionate sex lives. 

Living An Orgasmic Life: Heal Yourself And Awaken Your Pleasure by Xanet Pailet is a love letter for anyone who’s faced challenges with their sex life. Those who have been alienated from their erotic side due to sexual abuse or trauma will find a healing balm in these pages. Women and men who have difficulty surrendering to pleasure, who can’t sustain intimacy, or want to reclaim and feel empowered in their sexuality will significantly benefit from this book.

In Living An Orgasmic Life, Pailet explores the many reasons that cause women to disconnect from their sexuality including shame, body image issues, sexual abuse and trauma, physical wounding, and fears of intimacy. She teaches practical advice and tools to help women healthily awaken to their sexuality and reclaim their libido.      https://powerofpleasure.com

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Malcolm Bohm For Liquid Grids

Malcolm Bohm is a recognized expert in Life Sciences. In the industry since 1993, Malcolm served in increasingly senior positions at major pharmaceutical companies Malcolm was educated in Great Britain and achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology and a Master of Medical Sciences degree in Renal Physiology and Pharmacology along with advanced training in analytical data modeling. 

Liquid Grids is a healthcare focused social media health intelligence and marketing platform that is purposely build to aggregate and identify healthcare dialogue across the digital landscape and apply deep, patented, persona analytics unlike any other. This unique combination of advanced Natural Language Processing (NPL) analytics and focus on specific healthcare dialogue enables brands to effectively follow the conversations of a particular disease, condition, treatment or procedure while providing valuable insight into your target audience’s personas and their particular subjects of focus in these disease conversations.

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4Generations Institute

After a 25-year tenure as president of Voices for Florida's Children, a statewide advocacy network, Jack founded 4Generations Institute to promote intergenerational policies and innovative programs that benefit the young, their parents, and more experienced family members.....also known as grandparents. In addition, Jack is President of Advocacy Resources, a consultancy specializing in communications strategies, public policy initiatives, and creative resource development. He holds a Master's degree in Child Development and Family Studies from Purdue University and an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Hunter College, City University of New York. A graduate of Leadership Florida, Jack was the recipient of that organization’s first Distinguished Alumnus Award. He was named Floridian of the Year by The Orlando Sentinel and received the Voices for Children Award from the Children’s Home Society of Florida. Jack is Partnership Director for GRAND Magazine, and is active with Generations United. He is a member of the Capital City (Tallahassee) Kiwanis Club and serves as Advocacy Chairman for the Florida District of Kiwanis.

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Karen Curtiss Founder of CampaignZero

Karen Curtiss Founder of CampaignZero

My dad, Bill, received the rare gift of a new lung to cure a rare disease — but he never left the hospital. For seven long months, Dad battled back from a cascade of common and preventable cracks in hospital care called “Never Events.” His fate was sealed when he took a fall, which led to pneumonia, a blood clot,  two rounds each of C. diff and MRSA, suffering a stage 4 bed sore all the while. 

We learned the hard way that nothing in life prepares us to navigate hospital care
for the people we love. My father paid the ultimate price. Dad died on September 23rd. He was one of a thousand deaths that day — and every day — that could have been prevented.

I founded CampaignZERO.  to help other families know how to partner with their loved ones’ nurses and doctors. Together, we can provide the safety net every patient needs and deserves. Our simple checklists, vetted by medical experts, quickly list what to watch for,  what to do and when to speak up to help prevent the most common hospital hazards. It’s mission critical that we are all prepared to help safeguard our loved ones’ care at hospital bedside — when they need us most.

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VRVoice, The Social Media Monthly and The Startup Monthly Websites/Magazines

In 2011 Robert launched the only printed magazine covering social media, The Social Media Monthly. In January 2014, he launched his second print title, The Startup Monthly. In May 2016, he launched VRVoice.co, a content vertical on all things virtual reality. In addition to his publishing endeavors, Robert continues to provide IT strategic planning consulting services to both the private sector and non-profit communities.

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National Coalition For Men

Minda talks with Marc Angelucci, Vice President of The National Coalition For Men

NCFM formed in 1977 to address men’s issues. Since that time, a men’s rights movement has been steadily growing globally to address men’s rights that have been seriously neglected in laws and public policies worldwide. Men have been systematically discriminated against in parenting rights, child custody, criminal entencing, military conscription, education, domestic and sexual violence laws that neglect male victims and support false accusations, reproductive rights, genital integrity laws.

NCFM is the oldest men’s group committed to ending sex discrimination. Throughout our history we have advanced step by step, across three nations, toward our goal of resolving issues which are barriers to progress and freedom.

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Healthy Seas make for Healthy People

Minda talks with Sell Cleave about the effects of plastics in our Ocean's
After witnessing first hand the devastation of human impact on the Great Barrier Reef, the coasts of Asia and Mexico, and increased plastic on the beaches at home in California, Shell Cleave decided she could no longer idly stand by and watch her beloved Mama Ocean being used as a dumping ground. She closed down her Technical Writing Business of 25 years and founded Sea Hugger in 2017 with the help and support of her family.
Sea Hugger’s mission is to educate the public to reduce our plastic dependency, while focusing on protecting the marine environment, ensuring the intrinsic rights of aquatic life, and helping create sustainable coastal communities that are no longer affected by plastic pollution.
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Patient Safety Movement

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation convened the first annual Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit in 2013. The Summit brought together the world’s leading clinicians, hospital CEOs, patient advocates and government leaders to identify primary patient safety challenges and provide tested solutions called Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS). Hospital attendees made formal commitments to implement processes to reduce preventable deaths in their hospitals, and healthcare technology companies signed the Open Data Pledge to share data for the sake of patient safety.

In January 2019, the Patient Safety Movement Foundation held its 7th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit and announced over 90,146 lives saved because of commitments made by over 4,710 partnered hospitals across 50 countries. This announcement showcased how far we’ve come, and how much further we must go to reach ZERO preventable deaths.

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